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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

trick or treat

The kids really had a blast this year trick or treating. Both kids fully got it. Micah didn't want to let go of his bucket most of the night - even when it got full and heavy. He would say trick-or-treat and thank you. When we started there weren't many people out (6:25ish - we saw more people the closer it got to 7 but that's so late when bedtime routine around here usually starts at 7!) So as we walked around we looked for the houses that had their lights on to say they were ready. Micah picked up on that quick and would point out "light on" or "light off" as we walked. I just took the iphone camera along so that I could easily have hands free for buckets, hat, monkey & carrying Micah towards the end. 

The best part for them - getting home and seeing what all they got of course. They had already peeked just about every house to see what new they got, Micah would even pull it out and show us what he had got. One of their favorites? The little clementines. :)
Micah was pretty good and darn cute at saying trick-or-treat. 


1 comment :

Traci said...

Everytime I see a pic of Micah in his costume I laugh. He looks so cute! That hat just makes him look so tiny!!