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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday random ramblings

Last night during our bedtime routine, Micah picked one of his favorite books to read - Go Dogs Go. We've read it so many times he'll pick it up himself and will turn to one of the pages with the hats and ask "like hat? no? bye, bye" After we were done reading (all sitting in Abby's room) he found Abby's hat from he last day of pre-school last year, put it on and said "my party hat!" Love it! 
This morning, bright and early after taking Abby to school, Micah and I headed off to Target for a few things. Micah decided he needed to bring his bike. He was too funny trying to get it into the car. He was so cute about it that I went ahead and let the bike take a ride to Target with us. 
Then it was back home where we hung out outside all morning "helping" Beau clean out the garage. Okay so we didn't really help with me but we did sort out what to donate/throw away. (It's now clean, useable and we can actually park the car inside! Woohoo!) Micah got a mini-lesson on using Daddy's punching bag. 
Since we were spending all morning outside "working" I didn't shower until the afternoon (which is actually pretty common since we usually hit the gym in the morning) Micah really wanted a shower too so I let him take a bath. He spent a good 30 minutes playing happily in the tub. 
Abby decided she needed a side pony tail this afternoon. She came to me holding her hair asking me to put it in a pony tail like this all on one side. I think she got the idea from her My Little Pony toys where the ponies' mane goes all to one side. She said it makes her look cuter and wants to wear it to school like this tomorrow. 
All together it's been a great day! Everyone was in cheerful moods pretty much all day. The kids and I had a good evening after Beau left for work and my to-do list is getting smaller (but still a bit to do tomorrow.) Abby was a sweet helper this afternoon, helping with chores and just being very agreeable. At dinner we always try to talk about our day and she was very chatty about what she did at school. To my shock she ate a ton of dinner too. I cooked pork chops, they were thinner ones but there were 5 in the pack. I figured I'd have at least 2 to save for Beau when he got home... not quite because Abby ate all hers and a part of his. I would have given her more of mine except I had already finished it. She said it was so yummy. Makes me happy she liked it! 


Traci said...

Micah's so cute trying to bring his bike. All the middle school girls around here wear their hair in side pony's with huge bows.

steph said...

love the side pony