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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday random rambles

  • A long nap one day makes for a late night for a certain two year old. Add in no nap the next day, a birthday party then straight to Bible class and you have 2 very tired kiddos. It was still a fun day. 
  • Micah really enjoyed hitting the pinata at the birthday party. (Pretty much the only picture I took at the party) On the way to the car he was telling me all about it again - about how he hit it and it went smash. Ha! So he didn't really do the smashing but he did get a couple hits in. 
  • I missed out on watching the first half of the LSU game but caught most of the second half as the kids fell asleep about 2 seconds after their heads hit their pillows. Geaux Tigers! First time to be undefeated this far into the season in a very long time! 
  • There is nothing on tv on Saturday night besides football and since the only game I care about is over that leaves nothing to lay in bed and watch. I'm not as big a movie person otherwise I'd see if I could find something on Netflix to stream.... which I might end up doing anyway. 
  • It's been a very busy past couple days and I've got several half written blog posts I can't wait to share... however my brain is a little too tired to put them together with full sentences and thoughts tonight.
  • I'm excited for Thanksgiving - my family will be here next weekend for an early celebration. I think I've got a table cloth to do the turkey handprint table cloth that will finally work on my square table (they don't make easily findable/affordable square table cloths however) I think the decorations for Thanksgiving will be adorable. I don't quite have the right amount of dishes to not mismatch them but oh well. 
  • I'm full swing into the fall crafts and even have a few Christmas ones planned. That makes me happy because we haven't crafted as much lately and I'm happy to be back in the swing of it. 
  • I need to make a list of all the things I need to do before next weekend since our Thanksgiving celebration is going to be early - mainly a list of the boring things like cleaning and a list of the groceries I need. 
  • I'm not a big black Friday shopper and there really isn't anything big we want/need that I'm hoping for a deal on. I did however scope out the Target ad and see they had silver sparkly boots like the ones I bought for the baby girl. I think Abby might need some so she can match. Then that brings in the dilemma of does she need some for now too because the new babe's are for next winter not this winter... and then what size to get for next year? Old Navy apparently also has silver sparkly boots so I need to decide which ones are cuter/better quality/comfortable ect. 
  • I think that's about it for my brain for tonight. Birthday parties are tiring... but fun :) 
  • Geaux Tigers! 



Traci said...

You didn't miss a thing. In fact, I kinda wish I hadn't seen the first half!!

steph said...

I have a pic of Micah hitting the plants I printed you should b getting it n mail w Ty note when I finally walk to mail box and put it n