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Saturday, November 05, 2011

random ramblings

A cold front came through Wednesday night into Thursday and the weather has been really nice in general all week. We've spent lots of time playing outside. Tuesday we stayed outside playing on the driveway, coloring with chalk and riding bikes until we got eaten by mosquitos (ouch!) Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we spent at least 2 hours each afternoon playing in the backyard and on the swing set. It's been so nice because I'l spend about 1/3rd to 1/2 the time playing out there with them and pushing Micah in the swing but they'll also play nicely together so that I can fix dinner, fold laundry, pick up in the living room. We have a big sliding door and lots of windows along the back of the house so I can easily keep an eye on them. Doesn't mean they don't get me a couple almost heart attacks if Micah walks to close to the swing while Abby is swinging! I'm constantly afraid he's going to get hit by Abby while she swings.

After walking Abby to school yesterday morning I fixed Micah and I some hot chocolate - it was chilly out there! Micah stayed toasty though because he had his sweats on and I wrapped him in his cozy blanket. 
After pump this morning Micah and I headed to Old Navy. Beau needed new jeans and Abby needed a jacket. She has a Hello Kitty hoodie that she loves and brings to school every day but for these chilly mornings (and the winter that is coming) she needs something a little warmer. Old Navy was having their outwear up to 50% off and I had an email with a 30% off coupon. Turns out this adorable jacket was even 60% off. Such a great deal! She loves it too. It will be overkill by 9 am most days for a while (and as the cold front is on it's way out she won't need it until the next one now) but it will keep her warmer. Now I just need to find Micah a warm jacket. Old Navy didn't have anything for him. His sweatshirt is thicker than Abby's so it does great for now but he'll need something a tiny bit heavier when it stays cold during the day (instead of these chilly chilly mornings but no need for a jacket past 9 am when the sun is out and shining)
Micah loves Old Navy.... well not the store in general but he loves the dog. We have to stop and see the dog for a few minutes before we can do any shopping. 
Beau's got a home improvement project he wants to tackle in the garage by putting up peg board for his tools. Works for me because I want one in the pantry for the cookie cutters and he'll do that at the same time! Micah enjoyed the trip to Lowes and was very excited to ride the lawn mowers. 
In case you hadn't heard - today is a big day in college football world. Especially if you are in the South. Our Tigers head to Alabama for a game between #1 (LSU!) and #2. We're ready! Micah and I have our purple and gold on and we all put on our game day tattoos. I think that's the kids favorite part - the temporary tattoos! I'm happy they picked their checks today since they have on long sleeves this morning and their arms wouldn't be visible if they had wanted them in their usual spots.  
I had some rare mommy gets to run errands alone time while I sent the kids off to the gym with Beau. While a workout this morning would have been nice I was definitely in need of some kid-free non-gym time. That kind of time is very rare for me to come by! I exchanged the previously mentioned jeans at Old Navy (he didn't like the fit of the first ones I got him) and then went to Target. I almost didn't know what to do with myself not having at least one little one with me forcing me to shop quickly. Then when I got home I fixed lunch for the kids - a pretty game day appropriate easy lunch. A football and LSU cut out of a pb&j sandwhich - served with cheetos, clementine and yogurt (yogurt not pictured - it was still in the fridge) 
Now it's naptime, Bible class and home for kick-off. That ought to pass the time before the game starts.... 



1 comment :

Traci said...

What a great game!!! It's great to be a tiger!!!