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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Pregnancy update - 22, 24 and 29 week pictures

I missed doing 26 week & 28 week pictures :(  So I tok 29 week ones today. I can't decide if I'll do 30 weeks next week or skip 3 weeks and do them again at 32 weeks. I like the even numbers. Ha! 
 And an extra since Micah wanted to jump in the picture as well today.
Size of baby: She's the size of a  squash 
via the Bump

Cravings: Candy - especially more fruit flavored ones & laffy taffys. One of the reasons I can be certain she's a girl. I had the same candy/sweet cravings with Abby. 

Symptoms: None really... other than a huge belly. Yes I feel huge! The past two weeks by the end of the day I was feeling really worn out and my hips were sore but this week I feel really good with lots of energy. 

What I miss: Currently wine. I really don't drink much at all when not pregnant. Maybe a glass of wine every few weeks/every other month (well for a couple nights until the bottle in gone and then I won't get another one for a while) but I wish I could have some lately. 

I'm amazingly still hitting the gym 3-4 times a week and going to Body Combat and Body Pump. Combat I take the lower impact options for most things but otherwise I am still getting through the class without complaint. Jacks are a little rough with the belly. Ha! Pump I've gone a little lighter in the weights but I can see myself continuing through the end of the pregnancy with pump. We'll see how much longer I can do combat for. One of our instructors just took maternity leave from Combat at 34 weeks pregnant. 

I bought the babe her first pair of shoes two weeks ago. I found them on Totsy and had a free shipping code (I had just signed up and got an email giving me free shipping with my first purchase) I got a 9-12 month pair so I'm hoping they fit next winter. She should be styling then right?
Other than the shoes, a blanket and an outfit I got at Kohls the last time time they sent out at $10 off $10 purchase I haven't bought anything yet. I really only need a few more clothes (since Abby was a summer baby and I don't have any winter things in small sizes) and a car-seat. Other than that we really have everything we need. So I feel unprepared and prepared all at the same time. Does that make any sense? With Abby we had an adorable nursery and I love her bedding so I'm going to pull that out for this new babe. The crib will stay in our room, just like it did with Micah so no nursery to prepare. I love seeing all the darling nurseries that people decorate but we really didn't use it much with Abby so like with Micah we'll just do a big girl room when she gets closer to 2. Depending on if we are in this house or a different one by then will determine if the kids end up sharing or if she'll get her own. 

I really really would love to get a double jogging stroller but the one I really want is pricey. I didn't get a double stroller when I had Micah. Abby rode in the stroller and I wore Micah for most of the first 6-9 months if we were out somewhere. We also didn't go to Sea World or the zoo that often when he was itty bitty since he was a summer babe and it was so hot outside I was worried about him getting too hot. This little one will be here in the spring when it's nice and will be older by the time it gets hot and I can't keep my other two entertained here all summer so I forsee lots of trips out and so I think I'll need a double this time around. 

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