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Friday, November 04, 2011

Pinterest: Kids Christmas list

Halloween is over so it's time to start thinking Christmas shopping right? The stores seem to think so! I love using Pinterest this year to pin ideas for the kids for Christmas so I don't forget things I find I think they'd like or that they mention wanting.

For Micah - A Build a Bear giftcard. I know he'd love to go, pick out and build his own animal (probably a puppy) like Abby did. Sure he'd love to just get one but after seeing how much fun Abby had building hers one her birthday I think Micah would love to be able to have that same experience! I'm sure Abby would love a smaller gc to pick out a new outfit for her puppy as well.

For Abby - I'm trying to decide if I want to get her this new leap pad. She loves her leapster so maybe just new games for the Leapster 2 that she has but this touch pad version looks pretty cool and I bet she'd enjoy it.

She loves Tangled and when we were in Target the other day she saw a horse (not this one from Tangled just a toy horse) so I think she'd love this and maybe a Tangled doll?

Source: amazon.com via Katie on Pinterest

For both - board games. They love playing games so games they both could play or games for Abby would be.

Source: target.com via Katie on Pinterest

There are more ideas here on the Christmas gift board.

1 comment :

Traci said...

I have so many kids to buy for at Christmas. I really need to get started. They all seem to have everything so it's always hard.