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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

our thankful tree

Last year we had this Thankful Tree which the kids had painted and I cut simple leaves that we wrote what we were thankful for on. (As a side note oh my goodness they look so little from just last year!) This year thanks to Pinterest we created a little more 'upscale' tree. Our inspiration:

I sacrificed a few branches from a tree in our front yard, cut out leaves on the silhouette (out of my more fall-ish Christmas paper I have since I have a ton of it and didn't buy fall paper) and put it into a pretty little carafe.
I should have trimmed my branches a little longer because only 1/3rd go down to the bottom but I think it still looks cute. 

At dinner (and ignore our simple dinner of mac & cheese, peas, and clementines they had already eaten - Daddy wasn't home & I wasn't in the mood to cook - eek!) tonight we started our thankful tree off with what we were thankful for, picking leaves off the tree, writing/drawing on them and putting them back on.  
Micah was thankful for Bible class (he actually said this!)
Abby was thankful for her toys (her walking puppy in particular which she added a picture of)
In my trips to Hobby Lobby/Michael's over the past week I also picked up this candle for Abby's teacher as a little thank you/appreciation gift. We added a note on a leaf and one of the clay leaves that Abby had painted onto the candle (that was in a mason jar - so cute!) We'll bring it to her at school tomorrow. 

Hope you are having a great week! It's halfway over! The kids are ready for the weekend to be here because I let them in on the fact that Gigi and Pops will be here Saturday and they are ever so excited. Micah keeps telling me "Gigi, my house!" 

1 comment :

Angie said...

Cute idea...I love it!