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Friday, November 25, 2011

Our restful Thanksgiving week

We've had a very restful Thanksgiving week.... which begs the question why I feel like I've been so busy at the same time this week? Ha! I mentioned in the last post that Monday, Micah had his grumpy pants on from teething. Then Tuesday and Wednesday, Abby was sick. She ran a fever off and on again. So we didn't go anywhere Monday-Thursday. Not even the gym (and after a weekend of yummy food, yummy leftovers we've been eating all week and the pie I made Thursday I feel like I need to!)

We spent the time at home watching movies because that's what the sick girl requested and working on craft projects. I finished the tree skirt and am waiting to share pictures until we put up our tree next week. We also finally got our turkey handprints on our table cloth! This was a little trickier than I thought it would be because I didn't get the paint on fast enough the 'feathers' didn't print well since they dried so we did each finger one at a time. I still need to add feet, eyes and the name/year but I love it! I can't wait to see this grow with more turkeys over the years! It looks a little lonely with just two right now but next year I'll have 3 little handprints to add too it and then there will be 5 turkeys.
We also did a seemingly simple craft project making some Christmas tree cards out of scraps of holiday scrapbook paper. I say seemingly simple because it was more difficult than I anticipated with a certain two year old who had put his grumpy pants back on. We cut up strips of paper and then glued them in a Christmas tree shape. However scissors and two year olds don't really go together very well.... glue bottles either for that matter. He wanted to be a big boy and cut and glue all by himself but eventually we found the right balance of him doing it himself and me helping to avoid cutting things we shouldn't and glue messes everywhere. 
We also found a moment to reglitter Abby's bird. It's an ornament she got last year at Michael's and she loves it, slept with it, carried it everywhere so much that it lost a lot of it's glitter. So we brushed on some mod podge and sprinkled the bird with glitter. Wonder how long the bird will hold up for now?
Wednesday evening Abby was feeling better (and she never really lost her appetite while she was sick during the times she wasn't burning up!) So we made pizza for dinner. Nothing makes pizza better than personal pizzas. The kids absolutely love helping making pizza and doing their own is a favorite especially now that Gigi had brought over this adorable little mini-pizza pans for us.
Surprisingly even though Abby usually only wants cheese - this time she wanted pepperoni too! Mini-pizzas also makes them want to eat more because they gobbled down their little pizzas and ate more than they usually eat!

We've spent lots of time potty training this week. Micah is doing really really well in his underwear. Going so far as to throw fits about wearing a diaper at bedtime (which was resolved by putting underwear over the diaper) He runs to the potty by himself now without me reminding him and has gone several days with only 1-2 little misses. Of course he know thinks he needs to be undressed (except for underwear) most days and doesn't like to get dressed even though I do try to get him to at least wear a shirt. What a boy! 

Thanksgiving was really low key for us since we had already celebrated. Seeing all the pie baking status updates on Wednesday made me really want a pie so I had Beau bring home a pie crust (yes I went the lazy homemade way!) apples and ice cream and made a simple apple pie. Beau got to enjoy a day of football, we spent some time playing outside, crafting some more and writing notes on our cards we had made since they were dry. Abby had slept in until almost 9 am, Micah 8 am so I ended up not giving him a nap so he'd go to sleep easily that night. We spent quiet time watching Finding Nemo instead.  
I wanted an easy, early bedtime from Micah because I had decided that for the first time since the one time I can recall back in high school that I was going to attempt some Black Friday shopping. I put Micah and Abby down to bed and headed to Toys R Us to try and score the Fur Real Cookie dogs the kids both want. They were in love with it when they saw it at Books A Million both fighting over playing with it in the box and it's pretty much the only toy Abby mentions wanting with consistency and since I need two - I knew this deal was pretty much too good to pass up - saving $15 per dog. It was crazy in line, but the line moved fast. The news crew was there as the line moved up into the store. 
Unfortunately I'm not a very successful black friday shopper because the one thing I really wanted was the thing they seemed to have the smallest supply of! I could have scored the xbox deal, the ipod touch, train table, the big biscuit fur real dog.... you name it they seemed to have plenty of those left but not so much on the puppies the kids wanted. Total letdown. My mom was also headed out to Target to pick up a few deals there and she had more success than me. I was going to attempt to go to Walmart because they will price match ads so I figured I could get the deal on the dogs there.... I had to head home after TRU though because my kids decided to wake up and give Daddy a hard time. My mom rocks though because she hit up Walmart and picked up the dogs for me! I think Beau scored some pretty good deals - all from the comfort of our house from Lowe's on new tools. I did get some pretty good deals when Carter's started their black Friday deals early on a few outfits for the baby girl and Christmas pjs for the kids. I think I'm almost 1/2 way done Christmas shopping now and feel like I've gotten some pretty good deals on the items on my list. 

I feel like we've moved straight into Christmas mode this week with all the Christmas crafts, the shopping and the start of decorating! I need to work on my advent list and get that organized so I make sure it's ready come December 1st. I recorded the Elf on the Shelf 'movie' that aired tonight and can't wait for our Elf to show up either. I think he just might arrive on December 1st as well. Pinterest has given me so many cute ideas for this year! 

Today we spent some more time relaxing. We were going to decorated outside for Christmas but we ended up opting to wait until next week. We did fix a yummy (but so not healthy) lunch and enjoyed a Tiger football game. Geaux Tigers! We are now 12-0, the SEC West Champs and headed to the SEC Championship next weekend! 


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kim said...

You really inspired me last year with your fun Elf on a Shelf adventures. Thanks for the reminder ~ I'm going to pick one up this week. :)

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!!