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Saturday, November 26, 2011

mini Christmas trees

Abby has been so looking forward to picking out an ornament this year for the tree. She tried to when we were at Hobby Lobby last week and had such a hard time picking one, with nothing seeming to stand out to her. So I told her I'd take her to Target because they usually have quite a few. Turns out the Target we were in had a very poor selection but they did have little tiny colorful Christmas trees. Something she had her eye on, in a bigger version, at Hobby Lobby. So I let the kids each get a tiny tree for their room and a pack of round balls and a pack of stars. They were so excited to get home and decorate their trees. 

Micah took this job very seriously and needed no help what-so-ever to figure out how to hang his ornaments. He even started by picking all the red ones and leaving the rest of the colors. Once he ran out of red, he did dig into the other colors and some of the stars. 
He might have been a little lopsided in his decorating but he was so proud of his decorating it was just too cute for words!
Abby was very proud of her tree as well!
my settings/lighting was way off on this one but it's still cute

notice the game day tattoos? We couldn't forget those for game day! 
Once decorated (and Micah's decorated twice because he undecorated and then we had to redecorate his!) we put them in the kids rooms. 
I thought Abby would be the one most excited about this as she always wants decorations for the holidays in her rooms but I think Micah might be the most excited about the trees and having his own.  
As I uploaded the pictures, he looked with me, talked about decorating his tree, then promptly had to run upstairs to get his tree to admire and play with again! 


steph said...

precious love that you made that memory for them you are such a fun mom

Traci said...

So cute!!! I just love that the trees are in different colors.