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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Family Turkey craft

Last Friday, Abby came home with her first project/turn-in homework. We were to decorate this turkey with whatever we wanted - color, paint, macaroni, beads, feathers, pom-poms. Abby was stuck on the feathers.
So to make it fun for her off to Michael's we went on Tuesday afternoon to pick out feathers and whatever else we 'needed' for the turkey. (We ended up also needing sparkly pipe cleaners (like Mrs. Stephanie has) and glitter glue.) 
Then to work decorating. First since I knew the copy paper wouldn't hold up well once we added all the feathers and other decorations we pulled out a piece of scrapbook paper to glue him onto. 
 Abby was so excited to have "her very own" glitter glue. 
 The finished turkey. There is no denying she got to have full and complete creative license on her turkey here! We all sat around the table and helped when asked but she directed and did 99% of the decorating. She didn't want to color him anymore than just the beak, gobble and feet. Glueing feathers and pipe cleaners is much more fun! 

Speaking of going to Michael's though - why do they insist on pretty much skipping Thanksgiving? I went back today for cookie cutters for the leaves  and they had switched over to Christmas stuff everywhere already! I'm going to have to check another location or Hobby Lobby - I'm determined to find those leaf cutters! They had the mini-loaf pans - $1 each, buy 2 get one free - but again they didn't have the fall colors - just Christmas colors. I did pick up 3 though. Debating on 3 more when we hit another Michael's location tomorrow. 

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