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Sunday, November 13, 2011


So very thankful and happy about the beautiful weather we've been having the past couple weeks. A little chilly a few days, a little warmer than I'd like for fall others (like the 82 degrees today) but I can't complain. This weather means the kids can and have been happily playing in the backyard for at least an hour, usually closer to 2 hours between waking up from nap time until it gets dark. (Darn daylight savings cuts into our playtime!) It's been so nice to be outside playing with them and I can easily cook dinner, clean the kitchen, fold laundry, or pick up the den all without little helpers underfoot since we have windows and a large sliding door on the back of our house. I can easily keep an eye on them if I need to be inside. 

They are still in love with the bug catchers they received as party favors from baby Lincoln's birthday party. 
Abby's found quite a little snail shell collection. Not as many rolly pollys as I thought she'd find though. 

They tend to go back and forth between looking for bugs and 'flowers,' peeking through the fence to see the dogs barking at them next door and swinging.  
If I'm inside they spend quite a bit of time on this glider swinging together. If I'm out there I spend quite a bit of time pushing Micah in the swing. Both of these options make him very happy.


1 comment :

steph said...

Micah looks too big on the glider I can't believe how big he is getting