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Monday, November 07, 2011

arts and crafts recently

We haven't done many 'mommy led' arts and crafts in the past couple months. The past couple months our arts and craft time has been mainly free coloring on paper and coloring books. Both Abby and Micah have enjoyed this. Abby's been in a really crafty mood lately and loving to color pages in her coloring book or finishing adding extra touches to crafts from Bible class or school. 
Micah just likes to color - and it gives me a few minutes to do dishes, fix dinner or clean the kitchen while they are occupied. 
Today however I pulled out the paint and printed off an autumn leaves tree from Learn Create Love. Micah really had fun with this. He did really well finger painting and really wasn't too messy - other than trying to wipe his fingers on his shirt! 

Then we pulled out some pinterest inspiration when I remembered I had pipe cleaners in my craft box. I gave Micah some pipe cleaners and the colander and let him have fun poking them through the holes. He had no trouble with that at all and it was really entertaining for him.

We started with it upside down to poke them into the holes then once he had done all of them, he turned it over and exclaimed that it was "pasta!" Too fun to see his little mind working! He ran into the pantry - I think he was trying to get the pasta but instead came back with a cup that he used to cook along with the pipe cleaner pasta.
He showed Abby his new "toy" when she got home from school and they together decided it looked like a spider. At which point Micah started signing the itsy bitsy spider song complete with the spider hands. I am not actually certain where he learned it from because we haven't done that song much around here recently! I love seeing their imaginations at work! 


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