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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday random ramblings

Two nights ago I started planning our advent list. Tomorrow I need to dig out the calendar I made last year and get it ready to hang with all our activities listed in the envelopes. 
With Abby I made the library a pretty big part of our routine starting from when she was tiny and going to infant story time. (Side note - wow I've been blogging for a long time now!) When Micah joined our family, we had made more friends, had a few more playdates and had also joined the gym and my group ex class addiction usually conflicted with story time. We still hit the library but not as often and not for story time. When Micah got mobile taking two the the library was quite the challenge! Gotta love the reserve online feature our library has where I can pick the books I want, they'll pull them for me and have them ready. We hadn't been in a while though and our cards were all expired - so I took Micah to the library for the first time by himself yesterday. He had a lot of fun picking out books. We happened to be there when a story time was starting and it wasn't very crowded. However Micah lasted all of .02 seconds before he decided picking out his own books was more interesting than sitting and listening to a story. Then he changed his mind so we gave another go at trying story time 2 minutes later.... which lasted all of .05 seconds. 
So we picked out the books we wanted to check out, renewed our cards and got Micah one of his very own. The cards we had from way back in 2008 (I think!) were looking pretty worn and the lamination peeling almost all the way off so we all got brand new cards.
Then because I have a crazy busy little monkey guy, we hit the park across the street from the library to burn off some energy before lunch and naptime. 
My tiny guy shocked me and climbed this all by himself. It's slightly sloped but not too much and pretty tall - slightly taller than me to get to the climbing structure (as in I can walk under the path that leads to the slide without hitting my head) He was so proud of himself - especially when I clapped and praised him after his first time going up. Every time after that he'd get to the top and ask me "see that?" to make sure I saw he did it by himself again. 
This morning we headed back to Bible class after a week off. It was rough getting going in the morning because we're having a cold front and neither Abby nor I wanted to get out of bed. Abby was so sleepy she let me pick out her clothes with no fuss (big deal for her!) so that she could continue laying in bed while I got her clothes. Micah was sad his little buddy Nate wasn't feeling well and wasn't there to play with. He's such a sweet heart and mommy's little boy on Tuesday mornings - he's all fun and running around playing until we get to my classroom to set it up before taking him to his class - then he doesn't want to play, sits on the counter while I get the craft set up and ready. Once that was ready he wanted cuddles and wrapped his arms tightly around my neck. What a sweetie.
The rest of the day was filled with errands, picking up with/after two little tornados that turned the clean living room into a very messy one very quickly, dinner, bath and bed. A busy, full day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little less busy - I'm planning on hitting the gym then just finishing chores and craft projects around the house. I think a low key day is needed after two busy days. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011


The weather has been lovely lately. Making playing at the park with friends a wonderful way to spend  a morning. The week before Thanksgiving we were able to squeeze in a play date with some friends for some park playing and a picnic. I'm hoping maybe we'll be able to have a repeat this week! 

We've got a busy week ahead - I need to get on the ball and decide on my advent activity list so that is ready to hang up and start on Thursday, as well as our Elf arriving! We've got a trip to the library, book fair at Abby's school, and hopefully Christmas decorating so I can finally share the finished wreath and tree skirt,  in addition to our normal Bibleland on Tuesday and errands I need to run this week. I'm tired already! Busy weekend coming too with Uncle Jeremy's graduation and a big SEC Championship game! Since we didn't do much this holiday week I guess it makes sense to have busy week now! At least we got my least favorite errand - grocery shopping - out of the way today along with a lot of laundry and a bit of cleaning.

Any one else have big plans for the week? 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

mini Christmas trees

Abby has been so looking forward to picking out an ornament this year for the tree. She tried to when we were at Hobby Lobby last week and had such a hard time picking one, with nothing seeming to stand out to her. So I told her I'd take her to Target because they usually have quite a few. Turns out the Target we were in had a very poor selection but they did have little tiny colorful Christmas trees. Something she had her eye on, in a bigger version, at Hobby Lobby. So I let the kids each get a tiny tree for their room and a pack of round balls and a pack of stars. They were so excited to get home and decorate their trees. 

Micah took this job very seriously and needed no help what-so-ever to figure out how to hang his ornaments. He even started by picking all the red ones and leaving the rest of the colors. Once he ran out of red, he did dig into the other colors and some of the stars. 
He might have been a little lopsided in his decorating but he was so proud of his decorating it was just too cute for words!
Abby was very proud of her tree as well!
my settings/lighting was way off on this one but it's still cute

notice the game day tattoos? We couldn't forget those for game day! 
Once decorated (and Micah's decorated twice because he undecorated and then we had to redecorate his!) we put them in the kids rooms. 
I thought Abby would be the one most excited about this as she always wants decorations for the holidays in her rooms but I think Micah might be the most excited about the trees and having his own.  
As I uploaded the pictures, he looked with me, talked about decorating his tree, then promptly had to run upstairs to get his tree to admire and play with again! 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Our restful Thanksgiving week

We've had a very restful Thanksgiving week.... which begs the question why I feel like I've been so busy at the same time this week? Ha! I mentioned in the last post that Monday, Micah had his grumpy pants on from teething. Then Tuesday and Wednesday, Abby was sick. She ran a fever off and on again. So we didn't go anywhere Monday-Thursday. Not even the gym (and after a weekend of yummy food, yummy leftovers we've been eating all week and the pie I made Thursday I feel like I need to!)

We spent the time at home watching movies because that's what the sick girl requested and working on craft projects. I finished the tree skirt and am waiting to share pictures until we put up our tree next week. We also finally got our turkey handprints on our table cloth! This was a little trickier than I thought it would be because I didn't get the paint on fast enough the 'feathers' didn't print well since they dried so we did each finger one at a time. I still need to add feet, eyes and the name/year but I love it! I can't wait to see this grow with more turkeys over the years! It looks a little lonely with just two right now but next year I'll have 3 little handprints to add too it and then there will be 5 turkeys.
We also did a seemingly simple craft project making some Christmas tree cards out of scraps of holiday scrapbook paper. I say seemingly simple because it was more difficult than I anticipated with a certain two year old who had put his grumpy pants back on. We cut up strips of paper and then glued them in a Christmas tree shape. However scissors and two year olds don't really go together very well.... glue bottles either for that matter. He wanted to be a big boy and cut and glue all by himself but eventually we found the right balance of him doing it himself and me helping to avoid cutting things we shouldn't and glue messes everywhere. 
We also found a moment to reglitter Abby's bird. It's an ornament she got last year at Michael's and she loves it, slept with it, carried it everywhere so much that it lost a lot of it's glitter. So we brushed on some mod podge and sprinkled the bird with glitter. Wonder how long the bird will hold up for now?
Wednesday evening Abby was feeling better (and she never really lost her appetite while she was sick during the times she wasn't burning up!) So we made pizza for dinner. Nothing makes pizza better than personal pizzas. The kids absolutely love helping making pizza and doing their own is a favorite especially now that Gigi had brought over this adorable little mini-pizza pans for us.
Surprisingly even though Abby usually only wants cheese - this time she wanted pepperoni too! Mini-pizzas also makes them want to eat more because they gobbled down their little pizzas and ate more than they usually eat!

We've spent lots of time potty training this week. Micah is doing really really well in his underwear. Going so far as to throw fits about wearing a diaper at bedtime (which was resolved by putting underwear over the diaper) He runs to the potty by himself now without me reminding him and has gone several days with only 1-2 little misses. Of course he know thinks he needs to be undressed (except for underwear) most days and doesn't like to get dressed even though I do try to get him to at least wear a shirt. What a boy! 

Thanksgiving was really low key for us since we had already celebrated. Seeing all the pie baking status updates on Wednesday made me really want a pie so I had Beau bring home a pie crust (yes I went the lazy homemade way!) apples and ice cream and made a simple apple pie. Beau got to enjoy a day of football, we spent some time playing outside, crafting some more and writing notes on our cards we had made since they were dry. Abby had slept in until almost 9 am, Micah 8 am so I ended up not giving him a nap so he'd go to sleep easily that night. We spent quiet time watching Finding Nemo instead.  
I wanted an easy, early bedtime from Micah because I had decided that for the first time since the one time I can recall back in high school that I was going to attempt some Black Friday shopping. I put Micah and Abby down to bed and headed to Toys R Us to try and score the Fur Real Cookie dogs the kids both want. They were in love with it when they saw it at Books A Million both fighting over playing with it in the box and it's pretty much the only toy Abby mentions wanting with consistency and since I need two - I knew this deal was pretty much too good to pass up - saving $15 per dog. It was crazy in line, but the line moved fast. The news crew was there as the line moved up into the store. 
Unfortunately I'm not a very successful black friday shopper because the one thing I really wanted was the thing they seemed to have the smallest supply of! I could have scored the xbox deal, the ipod touch, train table, the big biscuit fur real dog.... you name it they seemed to have plenty of those left but not so much on the puppies the kids wanted. Total letdown. My mom was also headed out to Target to pick up a few deals there and she had more success than me. I was going to attempt to go to Walmart because they will price match ads so I figured I could get the deal on the dogs there.... I had to head home after TRU though because my kids decided to wake up and give Daddy a hard time. My mom rocks though because she hit up Walmart and picked up the dogs for me! I think Beau scored some pretty good deals - all from the comfort of our house from Lowe's on new tools. I did get some pretty good deals when Carter's started their black Friday deals early on a few outfits for the baby girl and Christmas pjs for the kids. I think I'm almost 1/2 way done Christmas shopping now and feel like I've gotten some pretty good deals on the items on my list. 

I feel like we've moved straight into Christmas mode this week with all the Christmas crafts, the shopping and the start of decorating! I need to work on my advent list and get that organized so I make sure it's ready come December 1st. I recorded the Elf on the Shelf 'movie' that aired tonight and can't wait for our Elf to show up either. I think he just might arrive on December 1st as well. Pinterest has given me so many cute ideas for this year! 

Today we spent some more time relaxing. We were going to decorated outside for Christmas but we ended up opting to wait until next week. We did fix a yummy (but so not healthy) lunch and enjoyed a Tiger football game. Geaux Tigers! We are now 12-0, the SEC West Champs and headed to the SEC Championship next weekend! 


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

random ramblings: we're still here!

It's been a busy, blog-less few days! My parents came into town and we had a wonderful (early) Thanksgiving with them. We had so much fun spending time with them and the kids were in Heaven.
We feasted on steaks on Saturday for lunch before the LSU game, then Sunday we had a big Thanksgiving. Beau smoked a turkey and since we were running the smoker, we filled it with some other meats for the meals for the rest of the week. Yum! It was all delicious.

Micah unfortunately had on his crabby pants for 2/3rds of the visit as he's getting 3 teeth at the same time. When he wasn't upset, throwing fits and not sleeping, he was adorable but his teeth put him in a bad mood. Especially since he didn't want to sleep well and he didn't want to eat well making him even crankier!

My mom and I got into the Christmas spirit working on a couple Christmas crafts. Okay really I showed her the ideas on pinterest, we went to Hobby Lobby got the supplies and she helped and did 90% of the crafting while I got to chat with her. :) Thanks Mom! I need to put a few finishing touches on them and then I'll blog them! They look so cute!

My parents left yesterday, then this morning after a great night rest from both kids and being awake for about two hours, Abby started running a fever and shivering. She felt pretty miserable until the medicine kicked in. Then she saw me cleaning, said she had rested enough and wanted a chore to do. How can I deny a sick girl her request? She sweetly folded laundry and wiped baseboards for me while I mopped and vacuumed. Then after Micah's naptime her fever was back and she was miserable the rest of the afternoon. So most of the day was spent watching movies and PBS but that's okay. Hopefully a restful day at home will help her recover quickly.

Hopefully back to regular blogging tomorrow. :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday random ramblings

Last night during our bedtime routine, Micah picked one of his favorite books to read - Go Dogs Go. We've read it so many times he'll pick it up himself and will turn to one of the pages with the hats and ask "like hat? no? bye, bye" After we were done reading (all sitting in Abby's room) he found Abby's hat from he last day of pre-school last year, put it on and said "my party hat!" Love it! 
This morning, bright and early after taking Abby to school, Micah and I headed off to Target for a few things. Micah decided he needed to bring his bike. He was too funny trying to get it into the car. He was so cute about it that I went ahead and let the bike take a ride to Target with us. 
Then it was back home where we hung out outside all morning "helping" Beau clean out the garage. Okay so we didn't really help with me but we did sort out what to donate/throw away. (It's now clean, useable and we can actually park the car inside! Woohoo!) Micah got a mini-lesson on using Daddy's punching bag. 
Since we were spending all morning outside "working" I didn't shower until the afternoon (which is actually pretty common since we usually hit the gym in the morning) Micah really wanted a shower too so I let him take a bath. He spent a good 30 minutes playing happily in the tub. 
Abby decided she needed a side pony tail this afternoon. She came to me holding her hair asking me to put it in a pony tail like this all on one side. I think she got the idea from her My Little Pony toys where the ponies' mane goes all to one side. She said it makes her look cuter and wants to wear it to school like this tomorrow. 
All together it's been a great day! Everyone was in cheerful moods pretty much all day. The kids and I had a good evening after Beau left for work and my to-do list is getting smaller (but still a bit to do tomorrow.) Abby was a sweet helper this afternoon, helping with chores and just being very agreeable. At dinner we always try to talk about our day and she was very chatty about what she did at school. To my shock she ate a ton of dinner too. I cooked pork chops, they were thinner ones but there were 5 in the pack. I figured I'd have at least 2 to save for Beau when he got home... not quite because Abby ate all hers and a part of his. I would have given her more of mine except I had already finished it. She said it was so yummy. Makes me happy she liked it! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

our thankful tree

Last year we had this Thankful Tree which the kids had painted and I cut simple leaves that we wrote what we were thankful for on. (As a side note oh my goodness they look so little from just last year!) This year thanks to Pinterest we created a little more 'upscale' tree. Our inspiration:

I sacrificed a few branches from a tree in our front yard, cut out leaves on the silhouette (out of my more fall-ish Christmas paper I have since I have a ton of it and didn't buy fall paper) and put it into a pretty little carafe.
I should have trimmed my branches a little longer because only 1/3rd go down to the bottom but I think it still looks cute. 

At dinner (and ignore our simple dinner of mac & cheese, peas, and clementines they had already eaten - Daddy wasn't home & I wasn't in the mood to cook - eek!) tonight we started our thankful tree off with what we were thankful for, picking leaves off the tree, writing/drawing on them and putting them back on.  
Micah was thankful for Bible class (he actually said this!)
Abby was thankful for her toys (her walking puppy in particular which she added a picture of)
In my trips to Hobby Lobby/Michael's over the past week I also picked up this candle for Abby's teacher as a little thank you/appreciation gift. We added a note on a leaf and one of the clay leaves that Abby had painted onto the candle (that was in a mason jar - so cute!) We'll bring it to her at school tomorrow. 

Hope you are having a great week! It's halfway over! The kids are ready for the weekend to be here because I let them in on the fact that Gigi and Pops will be here Saturday and they are ever so excited. Micah keeps telling me "Gigi, my house!" 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Napkin rings

Abby and I added another Pinterest inspiration project to our completed list over the weekend. I saw these pretty leaves on pinterest a few weeks ago and knew it was something I wanted to do. I mentioned it last week in my pinterest post too. HA! 

Since I waited until after Halloween to try and find the cute little leaf cookie cutters it took me 3 stores to find what I needed since Michael's decided to skip Thanksgiving and move right into Christmas and had no fall things to speak even on the day of Halloween. Hobby Lobby thankfully had the leaf cookie cutters I needed (that I didn't already have in my massive collection) 

Abby and I had previously done a craft using sculpey oven bake clay and I had plenty left over from our Valentine's thumbprint magnets. After I picked Abby up from school on Friday, she and I set about cutting out and baking the leaves. Micah was still napping (and probably had I known he'd sleep for another hour I probably would have put this off and taken a nap myself - usually he wakes up only about 20 minutes after I pick up Abby, but it was good to have some time to craft one on one with my sweet girly!) 
After we rolled them out, Abby helped me cut them out with the cookie cutters. Then I took a bamboo skewer and drew veins and poked holes into the clay. Then into the oven for about 20 minutes they went.
After they were cooled and it had gotten too dark to play outside for the evening, we started painting our little leaves (and turkeys and a lone acorn.) Micah loved the acorn so that's the one he painted. I wanted a paint that would leave a little nicer finish to these than washable Crayola paint so Micah helped paint one and then he went off to help Daddy cook dinner while Abby and I painted the rest.

Abby was in love with the final product and admired them while they dried!
All finished and dry.
Here are all the ones Abby painted. She did a very impressive job. I love her little turkeys with their pretty multi-colored bodies.
And sweet Micah's acorn. Which I also love!
Like in the blog post where the idea came from (link if you click the inspiration picture) I'm going to use these as napkin rings. I think I'll also use one as a little gift tag trinket on a small gift I have for her teacher for Thanksgiving. 

And today I finally found a table cloth that will work on my square 60x60 table. Last year I had no luck finding only 70 inch circles (not quite big enough to cover all the corners) or 60x84/102/ect) I finally found a 70x84 which while it isn't perfect it will work to create my next Thanksgiving project of a handprint turkey table cloth.