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Monday, October 10, 2011

The zoo, princess yahtzee and more...

Last Thursday I took Micah to the zoo all by himself. I think that was the first time it's just been him and I without Abby or any other friends. We had a lot of fun. He ended up walking about 90% of the time we were there - I would have thought that would have worn him out but apparently not as he didn't want to nap that afternoon. 

I didn't take many pictures as he was a pretty busy little guy while we were there - and I think only one or two got a quick snap of his face because he was too busy looking away from me at all the animals. 
His favorite were the elephants. In fact he brought along his elephant toy that he got from his very first visit to the zoo back when he was itty bitty. Of course we had really poor timing with the elephants.... and saw something I could have done without since the elephant was facing away from us and that was all Micah talked about after that. TMI alert: So no pictures of the elephants.... as I don't know that I could have edited out all the elephant poop.  As he got in the car after the zoo he was holding his elephant and had to turn it over and talked about where the poop came out of... lovely.

One of the ways we kept busy while it was all muddy outside (after cleaning up from splashing in the puddles) was playing Princess Yahtzee. Abby got this game for her birthday and it's become a favorite around here. Even Micah likes to play. You pick a 'magic princess' that can be whatever princess you want her to be to get you closer to a yahtzee of 5 of the same princess. Then roll your die and try to get 5 of the same princess (or rather a combo 5 of a princess + your magic princess) Abby understands the game and really likes playing, Micah loves picking out his princess (and knows the names of 1/2 of them ha!) and rolling the dice. We help him identify the ones he should keep vs roll again. 
It's really a fun game to play!
 Once you've rolled and gotten however many of the princess you are going for you place your marker on the board under 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. The catch is whoever gets that number first is the only one that can have it so you either have to be higher than them if you can or you end up with the open number lower than theirs. And just like regular yahtzee you add them up at the end to see who won. Abby won this day!
I read on another blog that a little birdie said Erin Condren - where I got my awesome life planner that I LOVE - is going to be a feature on One Kings Lane again tomorrow. So get set up and check it out and we'll see what kind of deals there are tomorrow! Last time they had $50 vouchers for $25 and you could use it for whatever you want. They also had great deals on labels which they have gift labels that would be awesome for Christmas presents! They also just leaked that they have an iphone cover coming out in a few weeks. That's what I want since I have a new iphone coming for my birthday (Thank you Mom & Dad! Love ya'll bunches!) 
Abby didn't have school today so we spent some time outside this afternoon practicing with her on riding her bike without training wheels. She has a bike rodeo on Friday at school. They are free to ride their bikes with the training wheels on but she (and the note sent home) said they can't win the 1-3rd place ribbons if they used training wheels so she has wanted to try riding without them again. She made some progress tonight and had one good (little) ride going straight. I'm not sure if she'll quite master it before Friday but we are going to give it a shot since she is wanting to. We'll see how steady she is by Thursday. I'm not sure what exactly they'll do at the bike rodeo but I bet there will likely be some kind of riding in cones/around cones so I think she needs to be pretty steady before she does the bike rodeo without training wheels because I'd hate for her to fall and get hurt while there. (Of course I'm going to be there to watch... and take pictures)

We've got busy week ahead - but a short week since we had a long weekend. Tomorrow will feel like a Monday. Which probably isn't the best thing since it's Bible class day and not only are we getting Abby up for school but I need to get myself and Micah up and ready to leave the house early as well. I've also got a lot of cleaning to do because I'm hosting a 'favorite things' girls night in that I'm super excited about Friday night and my mom is even going to come in town to join in. I joked to my friends and Beau that it's like I'm throwing myself a little birthday party but really it will be lots of fun to just hang out with friends and share our favorite things. 

Hope ya'll have a great week!

1 comment :

Lisa said...

Must be the age! Don't you remember the same thing with Abby and the Clydesdales at Sea World? She talked about that while demonstrating on a toy horse where the poop came from.