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Monday, October 31, 2011

weekend recap

We had a pretty low key relaxing weekend. No big pre-Halloween activities except for the Trunk or Treat from Friday night. Abby was really wanting some downtime after having school all week and asked practically first thing Saturday morning if she could just stay in her jammies all day. So we compromised and she got to stay in them until we had to go to Bible class that afternoon. We spent the morning relaxing, watched a Saturday morning cartoon, played, did laundry and a little bit of cleaning. Even Honey got in on the relaxing. 
Sunday morning the kids slept in late (well for them - meaning Micah woke up at 7:45 am instead of 6:30-7) He and I made pancakes while we waited for sleepy-beauty Abby to wake up. She finally woke up around 8:30 when I went to get ready for Church. She wanted to go to 'big Church' with me so I had a buddy for Church. We even made it there early - before the music started.  She liked coloring her children's bulletin. She heard the children's lesson from Bible class yesterday and she behaves well in big Church so I enjoy having her with me.
After Church we took a quick trip to HEB and got some food for lunch and (most of) what we needed for the week (with the exception of the couple things I forgot. Ha!) Then it was home for the stressful period of putting away the groceries, fixing lunch and tending to hungry kids needs of drinks/shoes off/wanting of food now. That 15 minutes is quite stressful when I'm by myself trying to do everything!  After lunch it was naptime - and man I was ready since I was tired from the morning. 

When nap/quiet time was over we played legos then the little man wanted a snack. So small snack and a episode of Curious George was in order. The kids both wanted to be covered up in their cozy blankets they got for Christmas last year. Seriously they love these blankets. Not visible in the picture but Micah also has his collection of (what seems like) a million dogs. I think there are about 10 and recently he's decided he needs all of them - especially for nap and bedtime. 
Then it was outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather! Seriously it's beautiful outside! We rode bikes and colored with chalk. I need to put chalk on the list for our next trip to Target because we're done to mostly smaller pieces now. 
Abby drew this centipede/alien with really long legs. The head is on the right with a smile face next to the first purple body section.
Abby showed Micah how to draw a rainbow and he tried and did a pretty nice rainbow himself. Straight lines not curved yet but I was impressed! 
Then Micah got bored with coloring and went to airing up the tires on the bikes. Ha! 
All iphone pics - I'm super impressed with the camera on my new phone compared to my old one. The camera has improve substantially since my old 3g! You might be getting a lot more posts with iphone pics now just because I always have my phone on me.


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Traci said...

I love lazy Sunday's!