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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday random ramblings

I feel like I'm in an early nesting and de-cluttering mood lately. Maybe because not only are we adding a new babe to the family but the holidays are coming soon and I know that will mean new toys entering the house as well. Micah and I went out and ran a couple quick errands this morning but then we headed back home instead of hitting the gym this morning and tackled a lot of the upstairs (we did the downstairs yesterday) 

I cleaned out the kids dresser a couple days ago and now the outgrown clothes are sorted by size and clothes/jammies. Now I just need to pull out the tub that has some of Abby's smaller things in it and then space bag up everything that I'm saving. 
Micah was very helpful in cleaning up.... he really enjoyed hiding under the covers as I tried to make the bed. Then when I got almost done he came and wanted to play on it with all his animals. Ha! He's cute though so he played while I cleaned off my craft desk is also in his room and vacuumed. Then we tackled Abby's room,
We took a break and played some trains as well... sorta I guess. We played with the train tracks on the floor with the cars. Micah's gotten pretty good at building his own track and it was so fun to watch his little imagination go while he built the tracks and vroomed his car around. 
Naptime :) 
It got up to 84 degrees today (the high was supposed to be only 79) but we were predicted to have a cold front come through around lunch time. When it was time to pick Abby up it was still hot outside! The cold front finally came through later this evening. It should be a chilly 48 degrees tomorrow morning - a far cry from today!

I was so proud of my kiddos tonight. Two months ago-ish Outback launched their new wood-fire grill and offered up coupons to try their new grilled steaks. So I signed up and got a coupon for a free steak and side. I hadn't forgotten about it but hadn't had a chance to go and didn't realize the expiration was coming up today. So the kids and I went out to eat tonight. We got a small order of cheese fries, the steak, side (baked potato), extra side (sweet potato) and a free birthday ice cream (since my birthday was yesterday :) ) Abby tried to claim both potatoes ha! They both behaved so well though, sat nicely, we colored and they ate well. Abby even had the sweetest manners and would say "thank you" to our server when he brought the bread and her water. It was such a pleasant meal - and not just because I didn't have to cook. I love the outfit Abby picked to wear as well. :) Geaux Tigers!
The new babe and I are all ready for halloween. We have trunk or treating at our gym tomorrow night. They are supposed to have hay rides around the parking lot as well. I'm excited and hope the kids have a lot of fun. I seriously can't wait to share Micah's costume with ya'll. It's adorable and I got some of the cutest pictures of him in it! 
So glad tomorrow is Friday! I'm ready for the weekend. I intend on actually making it to the gym tomorrow as well!


1 comment :

Traci said...

I cleaned out my closet this weekend. Not fun but I always feel so good after it's done. Now to the other closet that I have that's a mess!!!

Love Abby's outfit!!!

Geaux Tigers!!