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Monday, October 03, 2011


Yesterday they shut down about 2 miles of street downtown and encouraged everyone to "come play in the street!" Apparently Ciclovia started in Columbia and is really popular there so our city started their own version of it called Siclovia. A lot of it was put on by the YMCA and so our branch was participating as well. 
 There were 5 different stations along the route. The Energy one was where we started because that's where they had group ex demos. The instructors put together 20 minute mini-classes to demonstrate them to everyone who was out to enjoy the event. They had Body Combat, Body Pump, Zumba and Boot Camp at the energy zone. Down at the other end they one station that had Capoeria, Body Flow, Pilates and Yoga mini-classes. We almost got to see Beau up on stage to teach Combat because the other instructors were nervous about being on stage but he opted to hang out with us instead. 
There was a kid zone which sounded like fun and they had a kid fit demo, Martial Arts for kids, a rock wall. Honestly though there wasn't much for Abby and Micah to do so it was kinda of a bust there. They had lots of vendors set up passing out coupons, information and such but really nothing Abby and Micah were interested in. That was a disappointment. We decided it was more geared to adults/older kids. Abby may have had more fun if we had brought her bike but then Micah would have wanted his and we would have never gotten very far since he can't ride that fast! 
Abby and Micah's favorite thing ended up being playing under the tree at the energy zone while we watched the workouts and hung out with some of the instructors (our friends) from our gym. 
All in all it was fun to be outside, enjoying the weather but it really wasn't quite as much fun for Abby and Micah as it could have been. If they were older and could participate more or able to ride their bikes maybe it would have been a better time for them. The idea however is pretty cool. We'll have to see how the next one goes as I think they are planning on doing on in the spring as well. This was the first so I'm sure they'll decide what worked and didn't work from this go round! 

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