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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Saturday random ramblings

I've been a bad blogger this week and haven't really blogged all week. I haven't taken that many pictures either. Not many with my phone and any I've taken with my camera this week are still on my camera. I've had several blog posts in progress - a pregnancy recap so far since I didn't blog about it at all for so long and new belly pictures but just haven't finished them. It's harder to blog about myself than the kids!

We've been staying pretty busy this week - plus Micah seems to be getting an eye tooth on the top (where oh where are the rest of this bottom teeth? He's only got his middle bottom two and his molars on the bottom) and either that or something else is effecting his sleep. Tuesday and Wednesday he ended up taking longer naps - closer to 3 hours than his normal hour and 1/2 to 2 hours. Thus resulting in a later bedtime and him fighting it more as well. I took Micah to the zoo Thursday and you would have thought I'd get a good nap out of him after that but nope - he only took a 5 minute power nap and then didn't nap anymore after that. He still managed to fight bedtime that night though - likely over tired by that point! Finally yesterday and today he's gone to sleep without a fight. I'm hoping this continues and we've gotten past the fighting it for now.

We've been able to spend more time outside enjoying slightly cooler weather. We've even had a couple mornings of pretty cool weather - cool enough to be comfortable in a long sleeve shirt - or maybe it just feels that way because of how hot it was for so long?
My brother needed someone to watch his dog for a few nights and both kids were super excited about Zeus being here to visit. Micah took it upon himself to make sure the dogs had water. I didn't know he was able to turn on the hose until I saw him do it. Now we just need to work on being able to turn it off as well. Oh and not soaking ourselves in the process of filling up the water bowl. 

I confess I have a serious addiction to the mellow-creme pumpkins. I'd almost wish it was November already so they wouldn't be in stores anymore but it doesn't seem that's necessary since HEB doesn't carry them (ummm.... seriously that's ridiculous that the only grocery store around doesn't stock them!) and Target has been out of them 2 of the last 3 times I've gone and last time only had one bag (but plenty of candy corn, autumn mix and Indian corn - but those don't hold the same addiction as the pumpkins) Hmm.. and I wonder why my belly looks like a pumpkin! Ha! Seriously though gotta love keeping with the gym because it's kept my weight gain way down compared to my previous pregnancies.

We had Abby's first parent-teacher conference on Friday afternoon. Well technically at her school it's a student led conference so Abby and I went and with her teacher they went through what they've been learning. She's doing well. Just needs to work on listening a little better when they are transitioning activities - which I know from at home if she is reading, coloring, doing something she wants to be doing she doesn't really want to stop and move on so that wasn't surprising to hear.

We had a fairly lazy, low key day today. Though it started way to early for a Saturday morning. Both Abby and Micah were awake around 6. I managed to keep them both laying down in bed (but they stayed awake) until about 7, when they wanted to go down and play with the dogs. We played, folded the extremely large baskets full of laundry I washed yesterday, and hit the gym. Then home for lunch and naptime/quiet time. I was a bad LSU fan and napped with Micah through the first quarter instead of watching. I got to watch the second quarter before it was time to leave for Bible class. Then home, dinner and bedtime. Here's to hoping they sleep in a little later tomorrow morning. Though if they get up early on Sunday it's not too bad since it makes sure we get to Church on time.

Abby has a student holiday on Monday. I'm trying to think of something fun to do while she is out of school. Maybe we'll head back to the zoo since she didn't get to go with us on Thursday. I need to upload pictures from my camera and blog Micah's trip on Thursday. Let's just say I could have done without his most memorable moment of the visit. HA!

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend and I will try to be better at blogging this week.... especially if Micah hopefully is over his fighting bedtime.

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