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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Random ramblings

We've been keeping busy this week - leading to a serious lack of blogging. Monday, I had MOPS so that was all morning then home for lunch, naptime and time to pick up Abby. We were all worn out by bedtime!

Tuesday mornings are Bible class at our Church. I work the nursery so we are there early and usually bring a lunch to eat afterwards. This week we had a nursery team fellowship (for the ladies that work in the 0-24 month classes) so we got to chat and enjoy pizza after all the little ones were picked up and our rooms cleaned up. Micah loves being able to see his best buddy Nate at Bible class. He's my friend's 3 year old and Micah is always so excited to see him when we get to prayer time on Tuesdays. Micah always finds Nate and sits next to him during Praise and Worship as well.... or on his lap as he did for a minute this week. I really want to video them together next week (if I get my new phone with video capabilities in time) because it's so sweet how they seem to have this friendship already at 2 & 3. 
Tuesday a cold front rolled into town as well... finally mid-October and it feels like fall. Abby was thrilled because it meant she got to wear her new dress Gigi brought her. Abby loves the owl. (Not really the best pick - she was very wiggly when I took the picture - but the dress is precious!) I'll admit I was excited too because it meant I could wear my boots! 
The past couple mornings Micah stayed home with Daddy on the walk to take Abby to school but this morning he came with us so I bundled him up. It wasn't quite as cold out this morning as Tuesday and Wednesday mornings but  since he was in the stroller and not walking to warm himself up (plus he had just woken up and was still cozy from being in the bed!) I wanted to make sure he didn't get chilly. He enjoys walking Abby to and from school the days he comes along - though many days he'd prefer if he could walk instead of stroll but then the 5 minute walk would probably talk closer to 30 minutes!
Yesterday we hit the gym early then if you read the blog yesterday you saw the craft area I turned the kitchen into afterwards. Yesterday and today I worked on the kids pumpkins shirts and finally got around to ironing on the heat transfer onto my shirt for halloween. They really didn't take that long but I did it over short stretches of time so it feels like it took a long time since I was picking it up and putting it down many times over the course of the day. Now we are all ready - well except for a couple pieces of Micah's costume.  Now that the kids have their shirts we can finally head over to the pumpkin patch, pick out our pumpkins and take pictures. Maybe tomorrow evening since Daddy will be able to join us? Though I just checked the website for the Church pumpkin patch we went to last year and they are having a movie night tomorrow night... meaning it might be crowded and I'd rather it not be for picture taking purposes! Though we could always go back for pictures ha! I just love the pictures I got last year - especially the one of the kids together on the saddle. The light was so pretty that morning - maybe we will wait for morning. Yup those of the crazy thoughts you get when you combine being a mom, a 'mommy blogger' and a love of photography. It's not just "hey, let's go get pumpkins" but also let's get some sweet pictures.... Ha! 

We've got a busy weekend ahead of us as well. We launch the new Les Mills Body Pump and Body Combat classes at the gym. Then we've got a birthday party to go to for Nate's baby brother who is turning 1! Plus there is a big LSU football game on tv... which the party conflicts with. I can't wait to see the awesome looking Nike ProCombat gear LSU will be weraing. It looks so cool! Beau says he'd take the undershirt if it was available. Yes leave it to a girl to be talking about what the players are going to be wearing and not who they are playing or what's going on in the game. Ha! I am disappointed a couple of our players, including the Honey Badger, got in trouble this week and won't be playing... not cool guys - wait until you aren't playing for LSU to do that kind of stuff if you must. 

I can at least be thankful that the busy week has managed to make the week go by faster as checking the status on my pre-ordered on Oct. 7th but yet still back-ordered/not shipped new iphone obsessively has not managed to make it show up here any sooner. Can you really call it a pre-order if you order pretty much within the first 12 hours of ordering and still don't have it a week after it's available in stores? And it's up to the store if they let you cancel your pre-order, which is moot at this point since they don't have the version/color I want anyway now. But my current phone, while "ancient" in technology terms, works just fine and I'll get my new one eventually. It's not the end of the world and it will get here hopefully by my birthday. :) Though it's hard to be patient when I see lots of twitters, fb posts about how awesome the new phone is for those that did get their phones already (and likely ordered through apple not AT&T which is where the problem seems to be.) 

I really need to upload pictures and share the fabulous girl's night in we had last week. Hopefully I can find time to do that tomorrow since I managed to catch up on most of the laundry and a few other chores today! Now it's time to watch Project Runway and maybe Grey's. We'll see how late it gets. It's been a longer night with a very indecisive toddler that doesn't want to go to sleep tonight. One minute it's "mommy, up me" (translation: mommy cover me up) then immediately kicking off the covers and repeating. Rocking, laying with him, leaving the room - all the normal routine just isn't working tonight. He is working on a new tooth (finally!) so maybe that's bugging him? All I know is it makes the night much longer.... 


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Traci said...

Ugh! So aggravated with the shenanigans of our players! The uniforms were really cool. I was able to go in the locker room & I did a post about it. The pics of the kiddos are adorable!