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Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin shirts

Here's a close up of the shirts the kids were wearing at the pumpkin patch - and a preview of my shirt for Halloween. 

So I was a little late getting these together seeing as Halloween is only a week away but I decided last week to make the kids pumpkin shirts like I had last year. My mom brought over some orange fabric when she came that I was able to use for the pumpkins. I took the shirts up a notch from last year and used the Silhouette and it's ability to cut fabric to do their shirts with fabric instead of iron on. I used the sewable fabric interfacing on the fabric, cut the shape for the pumpkin and stem with the silhouette. Then I added rick rack at the bottom of the pumpkins and a bow on Abby's shirt. I had sewed the fabric and rick rack down after ironing (and glueing the rick rack) on. Maybe by the next shirts I make I'll figure out how to use my mom's old sewing machine she brought over to me. I just didn't want my first attempt at sewing to be on the kids shirts! 
Then for me I ordered this cute skeleton iron-on complete with a skeleton baby. I couldn't just leave it plain though so I added a bow on the babies head since we know she's a little girl now. 


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