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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pinterest: Organization!

Last Monday was the monthly mentoring moms meeting. This year we are going through the rooms of the house and a different topic based on each room. This month's meeting was on the playroom and organization. Pinterest has tons of great organizational ideas so I'm going to share a few of my favorites that I want to do around the house. I'm planning on starting and tackling a few of these because with Christmas and a new itty bitty coming we could use some fresh organization!

Before you can properly organize you need to clean it out right? Here's a fabulous idea - tackle a little each day over a set number of days. I've already taken a jump start on this as of this morning. I took 10 stuffed animals out of Abby's room (and her stuffed animal basket is still overflowing) and hid them away - if they don't get asked about in x days then I think I can safely pass them along to a new home. It's hard because she'll rotate through and what might be her favorite one day is different than the next. Now I just need to make an official list and start on it!

In the pantry for the cookie cutters - currently all 125ish I have are in the bottom of a cabinet just scattered in there. They used to be in a tub but the container they had come in got played with, tore and had to be thrown out. It was hard to find what you were looking for when they were in that container though so this is brilliant because a basket would again make it hard to find the ones you are looking for.

For the garage - I've got a shelf in there so I just need to get some buckets for chalk and various toys. Though most of our garage/outside toys are the bigger ride on ones. I need ideas for how to park all those!

For wrapping paper - perfect for the upcoming holidays! Totally need to do this!

I seriously need a piece of furniture to do this with. Baskets for every persons things, one maybe for paper work that usually ends up cluttering the kitchen table? On top jar of crayons, pencils for homework and a bulletin board. Organization central!

Now to get working on it!

Linking up again over at the Vintage Apple - head over there if you want to link up or see more pins!


1 comment :

Ruth said...

I love all the organization ideas on pinterest. I really love the cookie cutter idea and wish I had room for that instead of the rubbermaid container mine are in.