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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Pinterest: Halloween

October is finally here and it's finally not in the 100s - only the 90s around here. That means I can finally start thinking fall and Halloween! Here are a couple Halloween ideas I found on Pinterest.

I had the idea for this for Micah and pinned this to my Halloween board - except I'm going to go the easy route and let him wear his white shirt with khakis instead of dying his shirt yellow. I think that still gets the point across right? He loves Curious George and it's almost always way too hot here still to wear a monkey suit and even with a monkey costume it's just a monkey and not Curious George.

For myself - I ordered an iron-on to do this. I probably could have tried to do it with my silhouette and the iron on I have but I felt the $3 extra I spent on having the premade was probably a good deal because I wasn't sure where I was going to find the bones designs to do it myself!

These look like a fun Halloween breakfast!

I cut BOO out on my silhouette last year and strung them horizontally. I think I'm going to add some cute ghosts and hang them this way this year!

I'm linking up here. Go join in or see everyone else's pins if you want!



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