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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pinterest: a crazy, dangerous addiction

Ahhh... I love Pinterest.... but I think eventually I'm going to need a 5 bedroom (or more?!) house because of it. I'd love for each little one to have their own room eventually when they are in need of their own spaces plus a master which would mean a 4 bedroom house then I think I'm going to need a craft room. This is what happens when I start a craft project (or two or three) We no longer have a kitchen table and it's instead a craft room.
This does not work so well for dinner time. Good thing the kids like picnics. :)  My mom brought me her old sewing machine so I can learn to sew so that's out on the table, plus my laptop and silhouette to cut out pumpkins for the kids halloween shirts I decided to make them. I've seen many cute holiday shirts on Pinterest and blogs lately and I made them shirts last year. Of course last year they were a lot faster with just printable iron-on transfer but that didn't last as long and I don't have the right colors in regular vinyl iron-on transfer. So I went with fabric, sewable fabric interfacing to make it stiff to cut with the silhouette and iron onto the shirt. Then I hand stitched them onto the shirts. But wait didn't I just say I have a sewing machine on the table? Yup... I do... but I don't know how to use it yet and need to practice on something else before I attempt the kids shirts. Halloween isn't that far away and I don't want to mess up their shirts trying to learn on them!

On to my my Pinterest pins of the week. 

All the adorable, relatively simple looking projects got me interested in learning how to sew. Thankfully Pinterest also has some beginner tutorials to look at as well! I'm planning on checking this out and seeing how far I can get with the machine very soon. 

These burp cloths look fairly simple, adorable and useful as well. These will be on of the first things I attempt. 

Now that I know the new babe is a girl - I'm super excited about having tons of bows and ruffles again. Abby's pretty independent with her style. Some days she likes a bow, a lot of days not so much. An itty bitty will be lots of fun to have ruffles on this summer. 

If you want to see more pins or link up your own favorite pins from this week head over to the Vintage Apple. 



1 comment :

Unknown said...

OK ... with all your craftiness I'm amazed that you haven't learned to sew yet!!

When you figure out a straight line, you can make your own diapers, too. :) And cloth wipes are another easy sewing machine project.

Have fun with it. I wish I had more time.