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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pinterest: Birthday edition

Today is my birthday :) So the theme for this week is birthday & presents - including the practical, not practical and only in my dreams birthday wishes.

Beau and the kids made these yesterday for me. Funfetti cake batter bars. I'd say they are better than a birthday cake. Yum!

I've wanted a Cavaliar King Charles Spaniel for a long time. This isn't any where in my near future as right now I much prefer a larger dog that will gladly tolerate the children and their 'abuse.' Honey (our mastiff) barely even looks up if Micah sits on her - that's an easy going, tolerant, sweet dog there! But seriously you can't say this one isn't adorable!

I get the itch to update/redecorate our master bedroom every 18 months-ish. I don't get new bedding that often but I start looking and noticing things that I'd love to have. It's been almost 2 years since we got new bedding and with pinterest and blogs I keep noticing things that I'd love. Right now I'm in love with these ruffles. I'm loving the grey color palate as well.

My grandma sent me some birthday money and I bought myself my first pair of Toms. I'd been wanting some for a while but couldn't ever decide on a color. I finally took the plunge and they are really comfortable - now I'm excited for these cute ballet flat toms that are coming in the Spring.

On that note I also want to get these for Abby and the new babe. :)
Source: toms.com via Katie on Pinterest

I also ordered this new Vera bag. I got a fantastic deal on it too - the color I wanted was a sale pattern, an additional 10% off the sale price and my Vera birthday discount! I love when my birthday money can go a long way!

I also got one of these - but navy. It's lightweight so I think it will be perfect for down here in the South... when we get our next cold front that's coming through tomorrow.
Source: ae.com via Katie on Pinterest



Traci said...

Happy belated birthday!! I love that cardigan!!

Anonymous said...

Toms is making flats?! Love it! Glad you had a great birthday!

-Tara F. (formerly T.)