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Friday, October 28, 2011

The (little) Man in the Yellow Hat

Micah wanted to show off his Halloween costume. I think he looks adorable! He seems to like it as well and hammed it up for the camera for about a minute before wanting to run off. My mom made him  his hat and tie and I love them! Curious George is Micah's all time favorite show. He's always asking to watch "monk-my." So I couldn't think of a more perfect costume for Micah. It's just too warm here most halloweens to wear a furry costume so being George wouldn't have been as comfortable for him. 

Tuesday morning, during the ladies Bible studies, I work in the nursery and this past Tuesday all the 2s and up had class parties for Halloween in their classes so it was an opportunity to dress up and show off his costume. I snapped these shots real quick as we were headed into the building in the morning. I wished he would have sat still for like 30 more seconds because I think they came out adorable but I could have framed the shots a little better.

Beau thinks Micah needs a yellow jacket but I'm pretty sure they don't make yellow jackets for 2 year olds.... I could dye his shirt yellow but I haven't quite decided if I want to take that plunge or not. (His shirt is the same white button down that he got for his Christmas outfit last year and he's gotten a lot of wear out of it!)

I just couldn't resist showing ya'll these any longer! We are headed out to trunk-or-treat at our gym tonight and I hope I can get a few good pictures of Abby all dressed up then.

1 comment :

Traci said...

Micah is too cute! My nephew LOVES George too!