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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lincoln's birthday party

Saturday afternoon, after morning spent at the pumpkin patch, gym for the Body Combat 49 release, and a refusal to nap from Micah we headed out to my friend Stephanie's house for her littlest one's 1st birthday. Micah was excited to be going to "Nate's house!" 

First thing both kids wanted to do was the big blow up slide. The last party we went to at their house, Micah wasn't quite big enough to climb up the ladder by himself. This time he was a pro and probably would have kept climbing up and sliding until he couldn't any more. 

Once Micah saw all the other kids were inside doing an art project he had to join in. They were making caterpillars - as the party was a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme. Both kids loved this and Abby really did a very cute job on hers!
Abby also loved the party hats - way more than I thought she would!
Then it was caterpillar hunting time. Everyone went outside and found caterpillars in the yard.
Time to sing & have cupcakes! Yum!
To go along with the theme (which Steph did a fabulous job with and I wish I had taken more pictures of all the decorations!) the kids got bug boxes to take home. They have loved these and are really bummed they can't find more bugs to go inside them - we used to have lots of rolly pollys around but we can't even find any of those.

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