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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm exhausted!

It's been a busy, busy, busy day! Micah and I started off with dropping Abby at school and running errands - the bank, Target for carpet cleaning solution for the steam cleaner and Hobby Lobby for favors for my Favorite Things girls night in Friday as well as supplies to make the kids shirts for Halloween. I got everything except all the shirt supplies taken care of because I wasn't crazy about the fabric choices they had. So when my mom gets into town Friday we'll swing by a fabric store if she doesn't have anything in her stash that we like for the shirts. 

We got home and I started cleaning - nothing like throwing a party/girls night and having your mom come into town to spur you into super motivated cleaning mode. Ha! Add in being pregnant, having just listened to a great talk on organization and call it slightly early start on nesting. So today I - unloaded 2 loads of dishes, washed the water bottles/sippies by hand, picked up and vacuumed the living room - moving the bigger furniture to the sides so I could steam clean later, did 5 loads of laundry over the day, cleaned up the playroom, picked up in Abby's room so I could de-clutter some of her things without her seeing me hide away a few stuffed animals, cleaned both upstairs bathrooms (usually I'll do bits and pieces of this over the week but today I scrubbed them both top to bottom), vacuumed the playroom including actually moving the furniture around this time instead of just around it like I do 4 out of 5 times in there.  Whew! I'm exhausted and I didn't even get to the steam cleaning. I'm not so much missing the fact that I didn't get to the gym at this moment. I think I've been pretty active as far as a day that we stayed home most of the day goes! 

However now that I've sat down while doing the bedtime routine of books, bedtime prayers and a little rocking with Micah before he goes into his bed - I'm not getting back up. Steam cleaning can wait until tomorrow.  Fortunately my list for tomorrow is actually pretty short now - just the steam cleaning, half-bath and the ideally every-other-day steam mopping of the kitchen floor. 

Last night was a PTA meeting at Abby's school. The 'theme' for the year is family involvement so they had pumpkin painting. The kids were pretty excited about that. It was fun - but messy! Who thought it was a good idea to have painting but not have paper towels or wipes? Of course I hadn't brought the diaper bag so I didn't have wipes and the bathrooms just have air dyers! The kids were happy with their pumpkins at the end and that's what matters. And all the paint washed off in the bath.  

I had a mommy/pregnant brain moment today as I finally downloaded the itunes update (the one I thought I had done yesterday but apparently not) and tried to update my iphone to the new ios5. Only come to realize my phone is older than I thought and it's only the 3g not the 3gs so I can't get the update. Whoops. This also explains my confusion of why when I looked at a comparison chart between the 3gs, 4 and 4s all had video and mine doesn't and I was wondering why that was since I thought for sure I had the 3gs. I've since my obsessively checking the tracking to see if my new phone has gone from pending shipment to shipped. Should fingers crossed be here in 2 days. Eeek! Of course I also realized today that I'll also have to upgrade (read: purchase) my laptop's operating system to the new Lion and the iphoto to the new version to be able to fully use the icloud features. Not super thrilled with that fact... at least they aren't super expensive when I decide to do those upgrades. But now back to being super excited about the new phone. I'm most excited about the massive camera upgrade compared to my current phones - and the video capability of it! 

Happy Wednesday everyone! 


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