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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I love it when...

... I love it when twice now in a day I've gone to write a blog post, went to save and close until later and I get an error and the autosave feature didn't save it either.

... I love it when I smoke up the house trying to cook on the grill pan... because I insist on using it because I like the taste... and then I overcook the dinner as well.

... I love it when I almost let a coupon expire... at least my mom reminded me this time and I've got a chance to use it. Using my free Outback steak coupon tomorrow ought to make up for my overcooked birthday dinner I fixed tonight. Ha!

... I love it when I spend the morning cleaning - the counters are sparkling, the dishes unloaded from dishwasher and reloaded, the kids cups and water bottles are washed by hand, the floor is mopped, the table  is shiny with the wood cleaner, the recycling is taken out, laundry caught up on and is folded and one load put away already, the toys (were) picked up, the den vacuumed and dusted, the half-bath cleaned including the floors mopped - all while entertaining a potty training, teething two year old and trying not to just reply on his favorite Curious George all morning - and the first and only comments I hear are why I didn't take out the trash or clean a couple pots that required extra scrubbing.

... I love when I forget to return the Redbox movie that I rented for the kids.

... I love it when I try to play train and then ponies and because of a couple cases of the grumpys (teething and tired from a long day of school), we have problems sharing and I can't be in two places at once. It's times like these I hate that I can't be in two places and that we can't all play together nicely like we did yesterday. :(

... I love that in that case we resorted to a movie to work through the grumpys. I'd love to have gone outside but our grass/weed mixture has grown and itches little legs and seriously needs mowing. The front isn't an option when I need to cook dinner at the same time. :(

... I love that dinner time has unfortunately become seen as playtime by two certain little ones and it results in a mess on the floor, a little one not eating as much as he should, time outs for playing with our food and getting out of our chairs, and a not as enjoyable mealtime. :( Hopefully this will get worked out soon. Post time-outs it did get better though.

... I love that we seem to have reached the point with Micah where it's either a good nap or an easy night but not both. Hoping it's just teeth but starting to let the thought creep into my brain that he may be nearing the end of his napping days. :(

It's been that kinda day. Despite all that I will choose joy (as one of my favorite handmade clothes designers has screen printed on her adorable girls wear.) I've got two adorable, sweet faces who have given me hugs and told me they love me today (and of course I have done the same to them several times today) I could let the little (even big) things get to me and get me down but in the end I want to smile and be happy - especially with my little ones.

To end on a bright note here are a couple non-sarcastic high notes of my day. Because in reality it was a good day, some things may not have gone the way I wish they would have but they are so minor but I know we all have days like that - writing it out helps to see how minor they really are in the grand scheme of life.

... I love all the birthday wishes I got today on FB and texts. I have lots of sweet sweet friends.

... I love all the hugs, cuddles and kisses I got from my sweet kiddos today.

... I love that when we pick out books to read at night 4 out of the last 5 nights, Micah has picked the toddler Bible and wants to read about the big boat.

... I love listening to Abby's sweet bedtime prayers.

1 comment :

Elizabeth said...

Loving this post, Katie! :) And I bet those little prayers are precious...you should record it and post it sometime!

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope it was fabulous! :)

OH...And I left you a little something on tonight's post! :) Be sure to check it out!