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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Game day

It's game day around here! Well game morning? We had an 11:30 am kick-off this week. So we started off the morning around here with some quick cinnamon rolls made from bisquick. I almost made the good kind but realized we didn't have any yeast so I couldn't make the dough last night and it would have taken too long to make it this morning. I was wanting cinnamon rolls because I joked with my mom about them having a breakfast tailgate because of the early kickoff and she said she was making cinnamon rolls for them to have - so of course then I wanted some as well. I did get some yeast though and made pizza dough for lunch. I'm thinking maybe I should have gone to the gym instead of spending that time doing a little laundry, vacuuming and cleaning up the kitchen from my baking. Ha! 

Of course we had to get our tattoos on again. Abby and Micah both love these! Of course I have one on my cheek as well. Abby doesn't like hers on her face those so she always picks her arm and Micah loves his sister so he usually wants the same as her. 
While they may love their tattoos they get on game day - they weren't very good football watching buddies this morning. I lost them about 7 minutes into the game when Micah picked up a movie and started asking to "Watch this? Watch this now?" So I set them up with a movie on the laptop (which ended up being placed under the end table to remind the kids to not touch it while they watched)
Micah decided he wasn't as into the movie as Abby was so he wanted to play and decided he wanted to be an airplane.
Then we broke out the crayons and colored some pictures and worked on colors. Micah will tell me what color he has when he takes a new crayon out of the bucket.
Then we enjoyed our homemade pizza during halftime and now it's naptime for the little bit. He actually slept in today - all the way to 7:30 - Abby was up before he was in a rare change of events. That might be because she went to bed an hour before he did since he had a late nap yesterday after protesting sleep?

All in all it's been a very quiet game day as I'm the only one actually watching the game. (Because of Beau's work schedule he's somehow sleeping through the game) Maybe mostly quiet because there is no one yelling at the tv - though with this game other than cheering I don't think there would have been much yelling! I can handle more games like this during the season! Geaux Tigers!

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