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Sunday, October 02, 2011

end of the week recap

Thursday, Abby ended up being sick with the same minor fever that Micah had on Monday so she stayed home from school. By lunch time she really wasn't feeling too bad anymore (having gone through it already with Micah, I was expecting her to perk up in the afternoon) Micah was excited to have his sister home to play with all day. After nap they were running around playing superhero and reading together. 
Friday was actually finally cooler. Meaning it was only 91 degrees outside. And the couple rain storms we've had this week has left us with a little bit of green in our yard. After school we played outside for almost two hours I think. Micah really wanted to drive the mini-cooper but he just can't quite reach and press the pedal hard enough to make it go. 
At one point a bus came down the street to drop off the neighbor and Micah got excited because at first he thought it was the ice cream truck. When I told him it was just a bus, his response was "Wait cream come" and then he sat down for all of 30 seconds waiting and hoping the ice cream truck would come. I probably would have gotten the kids some ice cream - if the truck had come down the street but it never came.
After playing with all the ride on bikes, cars, trikes and ride on toys - the chalk got pulled out. Abby drew a gigantic castle - for Belle she said. Then she decided she wanted to write her sight words. So I started telling her all her words and she would write them. She could spell about half of them without help and I helped her spell the rest while she wrote them.
You've already seen our Saturday and I'll share about Sunday tomorrow. We headed downtown today to support our YMCA (where Beau also teaches a Body Combat class.) We are surely enjoying that it isn't too blazing hot to get outside and enjoy it! Though I certainly won't complain if it's another 10, 20 or even 30 degrees cooler. 


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