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Monday, October 17, 2011

Bike Rodeo

Friday at school was Bike Rodeo day for Abby. During their grade's normal rotation time they all went outside, got their bikes (that we dropped off the night before) and lined up. 

First up was a "bike inspection" by a police officer (but in reality she just signed the paper and saw if they had a helmet on or not.)  
Then there were 4 obstacles - first riding between two lines going very slowly not going outside the lines or putting your feet down. Then came riding in a circle, again staying between two lines. Then was another staying between two lines but this one they could go faster and the lines were a little closer together. Finally going around and weaving between cones. Abby did fabulously and did all the obstacles with no issues. 

Of course we ended up putting her training wheels back on. She was getting the hang of trying to ride  without but only for short straight lines and ended with Daddy catching her before she got off balance. A little more practice and she'll master it as she's catching on but she wasn't ready to ride slowly or in a circle without training wheels. She was upset when we went to drop off her bike because the training wheels were back on and that meant she couldn't get a trophy but once we got there she was okay and just wanted to practice before leaving her bike. The day of the bike rodeo she didn't even mention it and I saw only a handful of kinder kids that didn't have training wheels on.  


1 comment :

stephanie said...

brax has bike rodeo in a few weeks, and he doesn't think it is fair that you can't get a trophy with training wheels...i'm thinking most kinder do have them...i told him it was just for fun...should be fun watching him, did micah like it...i hope nate does.