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Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin carving

The final result - a kitty cat for Abby. :) 

weekend recap

We had a pretty low key relaxing weekend. No big pre-Halloween activities except for the Trunk or Treat from Friday night. Abby was really wanting some downtime after having school all week and asked practically first thing Saturday morning if she could just stay in her jammies all day. So we compromised and she got to stay in them until we had to go to Bible class that afternoon. We spent the morning relaxing, watched a Saturday morning cartoon, played, did laundry and a little bit of cleaning. Even Honey got in on the relaxing. 
Sunday morning the kids slept in late (well for them - meaning Micah woke up at 7:45 am instead of 6:30-7) He and I made pancakes while we waited for sleepy-beauty Abby to wake up. She finally woke up around 8:30 when I went to get ready for Church. She wanted to go to 'big Church' with me so I had a buddy for Church. We even made it there early - before the music started.  She liked coloring her children's bulletin. She heard the children's lesson from Bible class yesterday and she behaves well in big Church so I enjoy having her with me.
After Church we took a quick trip to HEB and got some food for lunch and (most of) what we needed for the week (with the exception of the couple things I forgot. Ha!) Then it was home for the stressful period of putting away the groceries, fixing lunch and tending to hungry kids needs of drinks/shoes off/wanting of food now. That 15 minutes is quite stressful when I'm by myself trying to do everything!  After lunch it was naptime - and man I was ready since I was tired from the morning. 

When nap/quiet time was over we played legos then the little man wanted a snack. So small snack and a episode of Curious George was in order. The kids both wanted to be covered up in their cozy blankets they got for Christmas last year. Seriously they love these blankets. Not visible in the picture but Micah also has his collection of (what seems like) a million dogs. I think there are about 10 and recently he's decided he needs all of them - especially for nap and bedtime. 
Then it was outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather! Seriously it's beautiful outside! We rode bikes and colored with chalk. I need to put chalk on the list for our next trip to Target because we're done to mostly smaller pieces now. 
Abby drew this centipede/alien with really long legs. The head is on the right with a smile face next to the first purple body section.
Abby showed Micah how to draw a rainbow and he tried and did a pretty nice rainbow himself. Straight lines not curved yet but I was impressed! 
Then Micah got bored with coloring and went to airing up the tires on the bikes. Ha! 
All iphone pics - I'm super impressed with the camera on my new phone compared to my old one. The camera has improve substantially since my old 3g! You might be getting a lot more posts with iphone pics now just because I always have my phone on me.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trunk or Treat

Our gym held a trunk or treat event at the gym Friday night and so we dressed up and headed out for round one of  trick or treating. 

We got there and they were just starting hayrides so they kids got to hop on for the first ride. I think they might have gotten an even longer one because of that fact and no waiting in line yet!

Then we walked around to the trunks and tables and got to see our friends from the gym and get a little candy.

There were some creatives costumes (Micah's being my favorite) but this Ghostbuster complete with a light up tank was really neat.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

Ever since Abby got the movie Tangled for Easter it's been on of her favorites. So it was fitting that she has a Rapunzel costume for Halloween. We hadn't really even started talking halloween costumes when Gigi asked if she'd like to be Rapunzel and Abby love that idea - especially when she saw the hair. Then add in light up dress up shoes and she's in girly dress up heaven. I think this is a dress up set we'll be seeing a lot of over the next while. :) 

And in case you missed it yesterday here's Micah's costume.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The (little) Man in the Yellow Hat

Micah wanted to show off his Halloween costume. I think he looks adorable! He seems to like it as well and hammed it up for the camera for about a minute before wanting to run off. My mom made him  his hat and tie and I love them! Curious George is Micah's all time favorite show. He's always asking to watch "monk-my." So I couldn't think of a more perfect costume for Micah. It's just too warm here most halloweens to wear a furry costume so being George wouldn't have been as comfortable for him. 

Tuesday morning, during the ladies Bible studies, I work in the nursery and this past Tuesday all the 2s and up had class parties for Halloween in their classes so it was an opportunity to dress up and show off his costume. I snapped these shots real quick as we were headed into the building in the morning. I wished he would have sat still for like 30 more seconds because I think they came out adorable but I could have framed the shots a little better.

Beau thinks Micah needs a yellow jacket but I'm pretty sure they don't make yellow jackets for 2 year olds.... I could dye his shirt yellow but I haven't quite decided if I want to take that plunge or not. (His shirt is the same white button down that he got for his Christmas outfit last year and he's gotten a lot of wear out of it!)

I just couldn't resist showing ya'll these any longer! We are headed out to trunk-or-treat at our gym tonight and I hope I can get a few good pictures of Abby all dressed up then.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday random ramblings

I feel like I'm in an early nesting and de-cluttering mood lately. Maybe because not only are we adding a new babe to the family but the holidays are coming soon and I know that will mean new toys entering the house as well. Micah and I went out and ran a couple quick errands this morning but then we headed back home instead of hitting the gym this morning and tackled a lot of the upstairs (we did the downstairs yesterday) 

I cleaned out the kids dresser a couple days ago and now the outgrown clothes are sorted by size and clothes/jammies. Now I just need to pull out the tub that has some of Abby's smaller things in it and then space bag up everything that I'm saving. 
Micah was very helpful in cleaning up.... he really enjoyed hiding under the covers as I tried to make the bed. Then when I got almost done he came and wanted to play on it with all his animals. Ha! He's cute though so he played while I cleaned off my craft desk is also in his room and vacuumed. Then we tackled Abby's room,
We took a break and played some trains as well... sorta I guess. We played with the train tracks on the floor with the cars. Micah's gotten pretty good at building his own track and it was so fun to watch his little imagination go while he built the tracks and vroomed his car around. 
Naptime :) 
It got up to 84 degrees today (the high was supposed to be only 79) but we were predicted to have a cold front come through around lunch time. When it was time to pick Abby up it was still hot outside! The cold front finally came through later this evening. It should be a chilly 48 degrees tomorrow morning - a far cry from today!

I was so proud of my kiddos tonight. Two months ago-ish Outback launched their new wood-fire grill and offered up coupons to try their new grilled steaks. So I signed up and got a coupon for a free steak and side. I hadn't forgotten about it but hadn't had a chance to go and didn't realize the expiration was coming up today. So the kids and I went out to eat tonight. We got a small order of cheese fries, the steak, side (baked potato), extra side (sweet potato) and a free birthday ice cream (since my birthday was yesterday :) ) Abby tried to claim both potatoes ha! They both behaved so well though, sat nicely, we colored and they ate well. Abby even had the sweetest manners and would say "thank you" to our server when he brought the bread and her water. It was such a pleasant meal - and not just because I didn't have to cook. I love the outfit Abby picked to wear as well. :) Geaux Tigers!
The new babe and I are all ready for halloween. We have trunk or treating at our gym tomorrow night. They are supposed to have hay rides around the parking lot as well. I'm excited and hope the kids have a lot of fun. I seriously can't wait to share Micah's costume with ya'll. It's adorable and I got some of the cutest pictures of him in it! 
So glad tomorrow is Friday! I'm ready for the weekend. I intend on actually making it to the gym tomorrow as well!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I love it when...

... I love it when twice now in a day I've gone to write a blog post, went to save and close until later and I get an error and the autosave feature didn't save it either.

... I love it when I smoke up the house trying to cook on the grill pan... because I insist on using it because I like the taste... and then I overcook the dinner as well.

... I love it when I almost let a coupon expire... at least my mom reminded me this time and I've got a chance to use it. Using my free Outback steak coupon tomorrow ought to make up for my overcooked birthday dinner I fixed tonight. Ha!

... I love it when I spend the morning cleaning - the counters are sparkling, the dishes unloaded from dishwasher and reloaded, the kids cups and water bottles are washed by hand, the floor is mopped, the table  is shiny with the wood cleaner, the recycling is taken out, laundry caught up on and is folded and one load put away already, the toys (were) picked up, the den vacuumed and dusted, the half-bath cleaned including the floors mopped - all while entertaining a potty training, teething two year old and trying not to just reply on his favorite Curious George all morning - and the first and only comments I hear are why I didn't take out the trash or clean a couple pots that required extra scrubbing.

... I love when I forget to return the Redbox movie that I rented for the kids.

... I love it when I try to play train and then ponies and because of a couple cases of the grumpys (teething and tired from a long day of school), we have problems sharing and I can't be in two places at once. It's times like these I hate that I can't be in two places and that we can't all play together nicely like we did yesterday. :(

... I love that in that case we resorted to a movie to work through the grumpys. I'd love to have gone outside but our grass/weed mixture has grown and itches little legs and seriously needs mowing. The front isn't an option when I need to cook dinner at the same time. :(

... I love that dinner time has unfortunately become seen as playtime by two certain little ones and it results in a mess on the floor, a little one not eating as much as he should, time outs for playing with our food and getting out of our chairs, and a not as enjoyable mealtime. :( Hopefully this will get worked out soon. Post time-outs it did get better though.

... I love that we seem to have reached the point with Micah where it's either a good nap or an easy night but not both. Hoping it's just teeth but starting to let the thought creep into my brain that he may be nearing the end of his napping days. :(

It's been that kinda day. Despite all that I will choose joy (as one of my favorite handmade clothes designers has screen printed on her adorable girls wear.) I've got two adorable, sweet faces who have given me hugs and told me they love me today (and of course I have done the same to them several times today) I could let the little (even big) things get to me and get me down but in the end I want to smile and be happy - especially with my little ones.

To end on a bright note here are a couple non-sarcastic high notes of my day. Because in reality it was a good day, some things may not have gone the way I wish they would have but they are so minor but I know we all have days like that - writing it out helps to see how minor they really are in the grand scheme of life.

... I love all the birthday wishes I got today on FB and texts. I have lots of sweet sweet friends.

... I love all the hugs, cuddles and kisses I got from my sweet kiddos today.

... I love that when we pick out books to read at night 4 out of the last 5 nights, Micah has picked the toddler Bible and wants to read about the big boat.

... I love listening to Abby's sweet bedtime prayers.

Pinterest: Birthday edition

Today is my birthday :) So the theme for this week is birthday & presents - including the practical, not practical and only in my dreams birthday wishes.

Beau and the kids made these yesterday for me. Funfetti cake batter bars. I'd say they are better than a birthday cake. Yum!

I've wanted a Cavaliar King Charles Spaniel for a long time. This isn't any where in my near future as right now I much prefer a larger dog that will gladly tolerate the children and their 'abuse.' Honey (our mastiff) barely even looks up if Micah sits on her - that's an easy going, tolerant, sweet dog there! But seriously you can't say this one isn't adorable!

I get the itch to update/redecorate our master bedroom every 18 months-ish. I don't get new bedding that often but I start looking and noticing things that I'd love to have. It's been almost 2 years since we got new bedding and with pinterest and blogs I keep noticing things that I'd love. Right now I'm in love with these ruffles. I'm loving the grey color palate as well.

My grandma sent me some birthday money and I bought myself my first pair of Toms. I'd been wanting some for a while but couldn't ever decide on a color. I finally took the plunge and they are really comfortable - now I'm excited for these cute ballet flat toms that are coming in the Spring.

On that note I also want to get these for Abby and the new babe. :)
Source: toms.com via Katie on Pinterest

I also ordered this new Vera bag. I got a fantastic deal on it too - the color I wanted was a sale pattern, an additional 10% off the sale price and my Vera birthday discount! I love when my birthday money can go a long way!

I also got one of these - but navy. It's lightweight so I think it will be perfect for down here in the South... when we get our next cold front that's coming through tomorrow.
Source: ae.com via Katie on Pinterest


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lincoln's birthday party

Saturday afternoon, after morning spent at the pumpkin patch, gym for the Body Combat 49 release, and a refusal to nap from Micah we headed out to my friend Stephanie's house for her littlest one's 1st birthday. Micah was excited to be going to "Nate's house!" 

First thing both kids wanted to do was the big blow up slide. The last party we went to at their house, Micah wasn't quite big enough to climb up the ladder by himself. This time he was a pro and probably would have kept climbing up and sliding until he couldn't any more. 

Once Micah saw all the other kids were inside doing an art project he had to join in. They were making caterpillars - as the party was a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme. Both kids loved this and Abby really did a very cute job on hers!
Abby also loved the party hats - way more than I thought she would!
Then it was caterpillar hunting time. Everyone went outside and found caterpillars in the yard.
Time to sing & have cupcakes! Yum!
To go along with the theme (which Steph did a fabulous job with and I wish I had taken more pictures of all the decorations!) the kids got bug boxes to take home. They have loved these and are really bummed they can't find more bugs to go inside them - we used to have lots of rolly pollys around but we can't even find any of those.