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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday's Random Ramblings

I love this sweet sleeping face. Though right now he's not quite as cute as he's doing the protesting sleep thing. Obviously feeling better now if he doesn't want to sleep. The thunder, lightening and rain (yay!) outside probably don't help the sleep thing either. Turns out when I mentioned on Sunday I thought he might be getting sick with the clingy, sleeping after falling asleep in the car deal - I was unfortunately right. He ran a tiny fever that night and the next morning (yesterday) and was just extremely clingy to mommy all day. Needless to say I didn't get much done all morning. 
Since Micah wasn't in the mood to let mommy cook easily last night, Daddy took us out to eat at the restaurant his friend/our neighbor is a manager. His buddy is always telling Beau to come eat there so we did.    Micah had perked up some and I figured a change of scenery couldn't hurt. Abby loved getting to play with the pizza dough. 
 Of course it had to be tasted as well. 
Micah perked up considerably and was happy to eat, but mostly wanted to play with Abby during the meal. A sure sign he was feeling better.
I had already talked to my boss about missing work today since Micah was sick (he'd have to be fever free for 24 hours to go - he didn't perk up until late evening and I wanted to be certain it wouldn't come back during the night) we spent this morning trying to be productive cleaning around the house. I did a little bit of organizing in the pantry and cleaned out some of the clutter that was in there. We vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the 1/2 bath downstairs, washed the kids chair covers and did lots of other laundry.  

I'm currently really excited it's raining! Like an actual storm where we got more than 5 drops of rain too! I'm also grateful that Abby fell asleep before the thunder and lightening started because it scared her week! Due to the lack of rain here for so long it actually looks like fall with brown grass and leaves everywhere - unfortunately it doesn't feel like fall as it hit at least 100 degrees yesterday and today. I'm getting anxious for the cooler weather where we can go outside and enjoy being outside for more than 10 minutes at a time.  Mornings are okay to play outside right now but we really need more time outside after school to run the crazy energy out! We were lucky to have a couple days of that last week but it's back to super hot again. 

I'm working on our fall bucket list - kinda like this one - my inspiration from Pinterest. Hard to believe October is coming this week when it's still this hot but it really is. 

Tomorrow is Abby's fall school picture day. We've got her outfit all picked out and ready for the morning. 

Hope you are having a great week so far! 

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