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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday and Sea World

This morning we headed out to HEB for our weekly grocery trip. I should have gone to Church but Beau was working and I don't like sitting alone so I'll listen online later. The kids heard their Bible class lessons last night while I worked the nursery for the Saturday service. We got a couple donuts from the bakery for breakfast while we were there. Micah insisted on wearing his new monkey shirt from Grandma - which appropriately says "mischief maker." That was fine for the trip to the grocery store but had to change when we got home because it's a long sleeve shirt and that's just a little too warm when it 100 degrees today - actually up to 102 currently. So not fall weather!  
After putting away our groceries, fixing a couple pbjs and apples we headed to Sea World. Usually Abby gets to look at the map and see where we should go first. This time I let Micah pick. He choose Shamu and luckily we arrived at a perfect time to see the first show of the day. It was cute because the baby Shamu (Sakari is her real name) took a big role in the show and did quite a few tricks. She's  a little over 1 and 1/2 - her birthday is in January. 
Then after a stroll through the penguins, we hit the spray park. Abby was very disappointed and didn't believe me that the water park was closed (especially since it's still on the map) but the spray park was an okay second to her. Micah liked the little tunnel that is part of the play area and stayed in there. Cookie Monster and Zoe were near by there and when the nice employee who was walking around with the characters asked if he wanted to see them, Micah decided maybe that'd be okay today. Of course he was very interested in seeing them and feeling them so he didn't want to look at me but it's still cute! 
Micah quickly wore tired of the spray park and climbed in a chair and put his head down. I wrapped him up in his towel after that and gave Abby a 5 minute warning. It was naptime but usually at Sea World he is content and ready to go-go-go!
On the way out we saw Pete the Penguin and Abby for once decided she wanted a picture with him. Usually she isn't into the dressed up characters. Of course again no one wanted to look at mommy! (And of course they also were into taking pictures with the characters on a day I didn't bring any thing but my phone camera!)
We really did wear out Micah because he fell asleep on the way home and shockingly even let me carry him inside and finished his nap on the couch. When he woke up he clearly wasn't ready to be up either because he wasn't his happy self for another hour after that but I got some sweet cuddles in. Makes me wonder if maybe he might be getting sick but I think (and hope) it's just that he tried to stay up to watch the LSU game with me last night by fighting going to sleep and still got up at his normal time that is making him so tired.

I didn't think it was possible but I think even with our relatively short trip to Sea World this time I managed to wear Abby and Micah out! We had a big early Sunday dinner and now are relaxing watching a movie. Tangled's the movie of choice because Abby's excited that she gets to be Rapunzel for Halloween! Micah's already almost feel asleep once but he moved around again to keep himself from totally crashing. Only an hour and 15 minutes and then it will be bedtime for these tired kiddos! I'm thinking (and hope I'm not jinxing myself) that they won't have a problem falling asleep! Any thing good to watch on tv tonight after they crash?

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