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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday 9/11

Of course we will never forget that day and the sacrifices that have been made. I couldn't bring myself to watch any of the coverage today though. 

So we stayed somewhat busy today with grocery shopping, lunch and football, a trip for me (sans non-napping children as Micah decided not to nap today) to Michael's, a little baking and treat making, play dough, coloring, playing with cars and cleaning.  

Mentoring Moms starts tomorrow night. So to celebrate our first meeting after the summer I made just a tiny snack for the girls in my group. A few cake balls. I opted not to make them into pops with the sticks. Of course the mentors always provide a light meal and dessert for us but I couldn't resist just a little something extra. Maybe not the prettiest ever but they are tasty! 
When I was done rolling the balls and dipping them in the chocolate this is what the rest of my kitchen looked like. Amazingly I didn't make a big mess with my baking but oh my was the rest of the kitchen a disaster with toys, crayons, paper and play dough. At least they were playing nicely for the most part? They did help clean it up.
Abby really has been a fantastic helper this weekend. Though yesterday she had reached her limit when I was giving her stacks of clothes to take and put away in her drawer (a stack of shirts, one of shorts, pjs....) after the second one she exclaimed "Why do I have to do everything?" with a little bit of an attitude. It was hilarious to Beau to hear her say that. Then she finished her task and all was good. She had even forgotten about that quickly enough she helped me clean up the playroom and put away all the toys.

The little ones went to bed early tonight.... which leaves me with the question of why I'm still awake? Especially since I've got yet another busy week ahead of us.

1 comment :

Traci said...

I'm with you on the 9/11 coverage. I couldn't watch either. The commercials were sad enough. Have a good week.