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Thursday, September 08, 2011

random ramblings

"Nacks" and our morning
This morning I had a list I of cleaning I wanted to accomplish so we spent the morning at home. I got oh.... 1/3rd of the way through the list? I just kept adding to it instead of checking more things off. Whoops not quite the direction I was going... guess we'll continue tomorrow - after the PTA volunteer breakfast and a body combat class. While I was cleaning Micah kept up with his recent habit of constantly asking for a "nack!" To the point of bringing a chair to the fridge to pick out his snack at times. He better have a huge growth spurt soon because I have no idea where that food is going otherwise. He's still tiny! 

Potty training
Part of the reason the list didn't get done as much as I had wanted was I was trying to keep a very close eye on Micah during day 2 of underwear. Potty training the 2nd is a lot harder than the first. Not because he's a boy but because we are much more on the go than I was with Abby. We've been toying around with potty training for what feels like a very long time now. Micah actually does very well and quickly caught on to the whole if he pees in the potty, he gets candy aspect of it. For a while it was sit, dribble a little, get praise/candy, repeat.... at least he is interested right?  We seem to have finally progressed passed that and he has only had one miss in the past week as we've now spent the majority of the mornings (when we weren't at the gym) of the last week bottomless. So I finally got him some big boy underwear. It started off really well with him pulling them down himself and going to his potty with no prompting from me the very first time he had to go after I put them on him. It continued well until he and Abby wanted to go off and play while I was cooking dinner yesterday.... then we went through 4 pairs of underwear - 2 wet, 2 dirty..... I think we are going to be focusing strongly on the potty training while Abby is at school and not at home for another week or more since they like to run off together and I can't always follow and keep an eye on Micah to help him to the potty.  I have to say he does look darn cute in big boy underwear! Boys seem to fit better than girls as I was worried they would fall off him being the smallest they have in stores is 2t-3t (27 lbs +) and Micah is in primarily 12-18 month clothes (21 lbs.)

After school 
We seem to have finally found a good after-school routine or at least the grumpy-ness has mostly disappeared as we've adjusted to the new schedule for the most part. Today went really well - we started with watching one PBS show while Micah woke up, then they played for a little while. After about an hour we headed downstairs where we had an afternoon snack (hey can you guessed who initiated asking for that?!?) We colored a little, Abby did her homework while I started dinner. Then we  did a puzzle while dinner cooked. After dinner though instead of heading upstairs for bath and bed we went to a meeting where the kids behaved very well. They were a little wild but stayed out of the way, colored a little, ate a little snack and played with cars - pretty good in my opinion for it being bedtime! Then home and both were in bed and asleep fairly quickly and easily.

I'm excited that tomorrow is Friday and will start the weekend after a fairly busy week. Next week is probably going to be just as busy (if not more so!) so I'm ready for a weekend (even if I use it to catch up on things I skipped during the week.) Any one have fun plans for the weekend?


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