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Saturday, September 24, 2011

pizza and football

This morning we had our lazy morning, complete with yummy waffles, then a late morning workout. This evening after Bible class we headed home and got to work making dinner. Pizza night and even more exciting I let the kids make their own. Usually we work together and make a big one. Tonight I divided the dough up and gave them each their own ball. 

Micah got to work. (I did wash his hands... the marker from his Bible class art work just didn't want to come off!)

Abby's a pro and showed him how to put it on the tray once he was done rolling it out.  
And showed him how to put the sauce on his pizza.  
Then some cheese and into the oven. No pepperonis on theirs - they didn't want them. Abby only likes cheese and Micah has started to lean that way as well.  
Then into the oven just in time to turn on the TV for kickoff of the LSU football game. 

After dinner was over Micah tried to delay going to bed by climbing in my bed and saying he wanted to "watch game." Ha!  


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