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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pinterest: my DIY list

So it's Wednesday again and time for my favorite pins. It's been a couple of busy weeks and I haven't been as crafty as Pinterest makes me want to be so I'm going to share a couple projects on my to-do list.

How cute are these? I'm thinking maybe a little bigger and square with black and white pictures of the kids to hang in the bathroom. Not sure theirs or mine yet though.
Source: etsy.com via Katie on Pinterest

Plywood with a mirror and assorted wood elements glued on. Sounds simple enough but a really pretty result! I want one of these for our bedroom!

After Beau spent several hours untangling my delicate necklaces - I need to make this so they don't get tangled again! I'm just waiting for the knobs to be 50% off at Hobby Lobby. Then it's so getting done! 
Source: etsy.com via Katie on Pinterest

Pinterest is always making me want to craft, learn to sew or bake more. Does it have the same effect on you? 

I'm linking up at the Vintage Apple today. You can head over there and check out more pins or link up some of your own! 

On a side note - I hate to say it but I think Abby has what Micah had Monday. She's complained of being tired all afternoon and was very calm this afternoon instead of her wild after-school self. She's also a tad warm (but currently wrapped up in her very warm blanket so I can't tell what is fever and what is from the blanket since it always makes her very toasty) though she refuses to go to sleep tonight and is still awake in her bed an hour and a half later. Normal thing for Micah to do lately but not necessarily for Abby.  :( 


Lisa said...

Pretty typical for a virus to run through the household.
Hope you and newbie are not affected!

Lisa said...

Oh and I love your pins! Yes, I am wanting to get crafty.
Full day of study today, homework and reading done tonight.
After classes tomorrow, I have a project or ten lined up to work on!