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Friday, September 16, 2011

our day and the grumpy Micah

This morning started off well with Abby up in a good mood for school. She's like me and not really a morning person so some days it takes her a few minutes to wake up, get dressed and she isn't so thrilled. After she gets her breakfast in her she's usually awake and ready but today she was agreeable from the get-go. After walking her to school, Micah and I made muffins (Abby had wanted cereal) and he was more than happy to help.  We baked, ate, played a little then got dressed to run a couple errands and hit the gym. We walked out to the car and Micah climbed in but climbed on the floor between his seat and the front seat instead of into his seat. This is where things went downhill....  I put him in his seat and that set off a major two-year old tantrum. Seriously he went on for the next 30 minutes - through two errands, even turning down a sucker from the bank. We got to the gym and I tried yet another few minutes of sitting and cuddling him before we got out of the car and that seemed to finally do the trick. When we got in he was ready to play and went happily in to play in the tree house. That lasted until 2/3rds of the way through my class when they came to tell me he was fussing. So we can home (which he wasn't happy about the car seat again...) - a little cuddling and Curious George later he was doing better. Only it was time to get Abby from school and I wanted to pick her up in the car since rain was threatening (which we got all of 5 drops about 2 minutes after we got home) So I asked Micah if he wanted to go with (knowing he hadn't liked the car-seat all at today) or if he wanted to stay home and watch monk-my with Daddy. He choose Curious George.... until I had walked out the door.... then he screamed, fussed and cried the whole 10 minutes I was gone. When I got home it was nap time! I prayed he would take a good nap and wake in a better mood and was so thankful that prayer was answered. After a 3 hour nap he woke in a much better mood. I had let him stay up a little while into the LSU game last night (Geaux Tigers!) so maybe that's why he was so grumpy today? 

We are so thankful as well for the cooler weather. It's only in the fall in south Texas that I'm thankful for the low 90s. It feels so nice outside. Anywhere else would probably complain that it's hot but here it feels so good! We stayed outside and played for a good long while with our bikes, mini-cooper and chalk - things that haven't seen as much playing time as we would have liked in the past two months of 100 degree weather.
Micah got going pretty fast on his little trike and took a tumble over the handlebars when he leaned forward. I watched him in what seemed like slow motion as I couldn't get to him fast enough and heard a what seemed like very loud thud on the concrete, a sound no mommy ever wants to hear. I scooped him up and tried to cuddle him, checking him over and about to whisk him inside for some ice. He didn't like that idea, wiggled his crying self away from me, saying "no play!" He tearfully climbed back on his bike and started to ride again taking only 30 seconds before he was smiling again. Boys!
His poor face after the tumble - at least 50% of the pink is from pink chalk he had on his hand when he rubbed his boo-boo. It already looks better. 
Then they turned their attention to the chalk and worked together to create a masterpiece on the sidewalk. Don't mind our practically non-existant, dry grass. We need the rain and I'm hoping the weather man isn't teasing that we are supposed to get more in the next few days since we didn't get any at our house today.

Then it was time for baths and dinner. In that order because they were covered in chalk. Amazingly enough Micah went to sleep easier than he has the past couple days even with the 3 hour nap. For that I'm thankful as he's been fighting sleep lately especially at bedtime.

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