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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mommy time

Yesterday was a day spent refilling my own mommy tank.  I work in the Church nursery during the ladies Bible studies at our Church (and love it!) and the Wednesday night study is too late for the kids on a school night so I miss many of the opportunities to find fellowship at our Church so I ended up looking for something somewhere else to give me a chance for fellowship (sans little ones underfoot.) I've heard from mommy friends and other bloggers talk about their MOPs groups before and I decided to step out of my comfort zone and join a group. It was a blessing that while I was not able to join the MOPS group that one of my friends attends (because of a conflict I have the day they meet) another friend who was in my mentoring moms group from two years ago invited me (and the rest of our mentoring moms group) to the MOPs group she is a part of - so while I only knew one person it was more comfortable to go in than if I knew no one. The group was a pretty large one and after a large group talk, we broke into smaller groups. Lots of the moms in the small group I was in also had kindergartners so that's definitely something we can all relate to and talk about.
     Micah did so great going somewhere new (and it was very noisy at drop-off with lots of kids) Our normal routine is to go to the gym in the morning so when I buckled him in the car seat he asked "gym?" but I told him no we were going somewhere else that he could play with new friends. He went in his class with not a fuss and was happy and told me all about how they played outside and he went down the slide when I picked him up.

Then last night was the first Mentoring Moms of the year. This is our Church's moms group type thing and we meet once a month during the evenings. We have small groups and are paired with a mentor who's been through it all before. This is my 3rd year to do this and I was so looking forward to getting back together with my group. We've kept in touch over the summer but it's been hard to get together with lots of us going here and there and such. We had a fabulous speaker, Debbie Williams, talk to us. She did not disappoint. It was really great and convicting to be reminded that our little ones see how we react when to "plan B" when "plan A" doesn't work out. We can all wake up in great moods with plan for the day but it doesn't always go the way we hope and we need to watch our reactions to the detours. I'm sure we all know in our head that we should model what we want our kids to do, we can't take them to Church for them to learn about God there but not make it a bigger priority at home, talk to them about being kind/loving/patient and not show them that we do the same. At 4 and 5 pm in the evening (the witching hours here!) do my kids see me showing the fruits of the Spirit? I haven't read her whole book Plan A Mom in a Plan B World but based on her talk I'd say it's definitely worth checking out. I know I'm getting a copy and reading it! (She had some copies for sale last night but because of her excellent talk and our group size in relation to the number of books she ran out super fast - almost everyone wanted one!)

Today was the first day of Bible class at our Church (notice a theme? LOTS of firsts this week and it's not over yet!) So yet another crazy morning getting all of us out of the house in time since I packed Micah a snack, got my bag together and got ready to head out instead of just gym clothes like I would normally throw on in the morning. We've got the getting to school on time routine down pretty well (especially since neither Abby nor I are really the morning type!) now we are adding in Micah and I getting out of the house early a couple times a week. 

Tomorrow is something I've been looking forward to for a couple weeks now - the return of mommy & me yoga at our gym. So again we'll be out of the house early - and probably for a long time as I plan to go to a group ex class for me first thing, then we've got an hour to kill before yoga time. Good thing there is a park right next to our gym to hang out at! 

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