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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I haven't been keeping updates on Micah's blog as often as I was any more so I thought I'd share of Micah's favorite sayings:

When he wants something really bad (like a snack or for Mommy to set his train back up after it fell off the track) he'll grab your hand, or your leg and pull on you telling you to come-on if you don't get up quick enough when he first comes to you.

So the other morning Micah went from happy to grumpy and would just wallow around, say no to every suggestion or reply "mommy" even though I was already laying with him. So in an effort to cheer him up I suggested he help daddy with breakfast for everyone. To be clear he'd already been offered some breakfast to eat and didn't want it. When asked if he wanted to help he jumped right up and headed to the kitchen, only turning around to tell Daddy to "come-on." He got his chair pushed up to the counter and told Daddy he was going to "help!" He was so happy and no more the little grumpy guy!

"na-na-boo-boo get me" or simply "boo-boo get me"
He learned this one from sister. Could you have guessed that? He's currently standing on the stairs behind the baby gate yelling this at his sister trying to get her to chase him. Ha!

"hey, stop that"
Usually when he's being tickled he'll tell us to "stop that!" He'll also sometimes say it to Honey when he thinks she is doing something she shouldn't.

"see that?"
He'll jump, draw a picture, do a summersault, slide and turn to me and ask me "see that?" So cute! 

Micah is my little helper in the kitchen. I can't cook without him wanting to help 90% of the time. If I tell him he can't help I'm asking for a full scale meltdown. 

Today we got home from Bible class and a quick trip into HEB on the way home. While I was unloading the couple groceries and fixing lunch, Micah grabbed my hand and started singing Ring around the Rosie. I sang it with him once and then asked him to sing it. The third time he hushed me and didn't want me to sing it any more. So tonight after bath I took a video of Micah singing it and playing with Abby. 


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