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Friday, September 02, 2011

LSU shirt & heat transfer tutorial

The LSU season opener is tomorrow! Of course I live in Texas where all the stores are taken over by A&M, UT and Texas Tech apparel. Rarely can I find anything LSU. Good thing I have parents that live in Louisiana to supply us with some game day apparel. Micah is fully ready for the game with his jersey that was huge on him last year. Abby has a dress that still fits but the kids only LSU shirts that still fit are long sleeve. That just won't work when it's 100 degrees outside. (Literally - not exaggerating the temperature) So since we didn't have a game day shirt for Abby yet this season I decided to make her one. 

I found this one through a blog hop and loved it. I figured I could do something similar but for the right team. :) 

Since I figure out more and learn more each time I use the silhouette I figure instead of just showing you the finished shirt I'd do a little tutorial.

So I rounded up my supplies. The hardest part was finding a white short sleeve shirt. I wanted the cuter girly ones that Target usually has but all the girly ones are now long sleeve. So I ended up with a plain white none girly shirt.

What I used:
laptop with silhouette software
silhouette machine
heat transfer vinyl in purple and gold (I had yellow as well because I couldn't decide between gold and yellow!)
blank shirt
ironing board
Then I opened up my silhouette software and designed what I wanted the shirt to look like. Silhouette doesn't have the LSU tiger logo or the shape of Louisiana in the online store. So I found what I wanted through a google image search, saved the file and opened it in the silhouette software. I then traced the shape. I'm only using it for personal use and not selling items with the official mascot so I'm okay with that. 
When you have the trace menu open you'll want to select your trace area. You'll drag the box over the shape you want to trace and it will then be highlighted in yellow. I traced the tiger twice - once the outer edge and once the all the lines so I could get the details of the tiger face. 
Once you select your trace method you can move the shape and you'll be left with a red cut outline of your shape like you would see if you had opened a regular shape from your library. You can then at this point go to the save menu and save this shape to your library to have it to use over and over again. :)
Once my shapes were traced I laid out the shirt how I wanted it to look. I added text to the side. After typing what I wanted to say, I rotated it so it went up the side of the Louisiana shape. As I moved it close to the LA outline it snapped into place with LA so it curved along the side of the shape. So that I could cut them separately I right clicked and ungrouped them, regrouped the text so they were again two separate shapes but the text was still curved along the side of the shape. 
Once the shirt was how I wanted it to look I pulled everything off to the side and cut one piece (or two) at a time since I was cutting them in different colors. Important: before you send it to your silhouette to cut it out of heat transfer you'll want to mirror it horizontally! Then adjust your cut settings for heat transfer, load your heat transfer and cut your shape. 
Once cut, weed out the shape and lay it out on your washed shirt to make sure it's how you want it to look. Here are all the pieces I cut before I ironed them on. 
I warmed the shirt with the iron for 30 seconds then ironed on the bottom layer (Louisiana.) I gave each layer a minute to cool off then I peeled off the backing. Then I placed the next layer (the gold piece) and finally the black lines of the tiger. And voila! One game day ready shirt.
Now it's time for some football! 

I'm linking this post up at I Heart Naptime


Heather said...

Great detailed description. Makes me what to get one of those machines!

Chameleon Girls said...

GEAUX Tigers!!!! Love your shirt! Check us out tomorrow we will post we are doing Tiger Bark. chameleongirls.blogspot.com

Lindsey said...

Saw your shirt on Sunday Scoop and had to stop by. I love anything that's purple and gold. Geaux Tigers!! Hope you'll stop by my blog sometime and check out my LSU cakes. -Lindsey