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Monday, September 05, 2011

Labor Day weekend and LSU game!

What a great Labor Day weekend this has been! We picked up Abby from school a little early on Friday and hit the road. After a lot of traffic and a long time in the car we made it to Dallas and met up with Gigi, Pops and Jeremy. It was dinner time so we met at a restaurant. After a long text discussion we finally decided on a steak house for dinner. Apparently it was a popular choice as it was very crowded - though I think all the restaurants anywhere near a hotel were probably pretty packed. It's been a long time since I've been in a game day (well weekend) atmosphere. The whole restaurant erupted in several LSU/Geaux Tigers/Tiger Bait cheers. I think the few local people that had forgotten/didn't realize how big this game was going to be that were there were a little overwhelmed. 

Saturday we got up and got decked out in our purple and gold. I had asked Gigi to pick up some temporary tattoos and the kids were excited about those! 
Abby was especially excited - this girl loves a good temporary tattoo!  I had to stop her at 3 or she would have gladly worn all of them! 
After lunch, a pre-game nap/football watching for the boys and pedicures for the girls, Pops, Jeremy, Beau and I headed to the game. Gigi and the kids were just along for the ride and they stayed at the hotel to swim, play with the surprises Gigi had brought along and watch a movie/the game. 

We parked, walked around the tailgates (tons more LSU fans than Oregon fans - at least 85-90% LSU!) and when we had enough of the heat we headed into Cowboy Stadium. It's pretty impressive to say the least! At a football game there is an advantage to being a girl - you had to go through security to have bags checked and a quick pat down.... I got through a whole lot faster than the guys and then got to wait for them out of the crowded lines) 
Pregame! Love the band! The only non-impressive part of Cowboy Stadium was that they didn't have mics on the band and you could barely hear that band for the pre-game or the 1st quarter. Then they finally seemed to get mics near the band so we could hear the cheers and the halftime show. 
I didn't take any pictures of the game though between the sitting, standing, cheering and high five-ing. I just watched and enjoyed it! We may have been high up in the stands but we were almost right on the 50 yard line so we had a great view. We could see the whole field plus a spectacular view of the huge jumbotron.

Geaux Tigers! We won (in case you don't follow football - I don't unless it's LSU) I'm excited for this football season!
Sunday we got up early and drove home since Beau had to work that night. The kids and I just hung out and relaxed after the drive. 

This morning we had a lazy morning then headed to Sea World. Today was the last day Lost Lagoon (the water park) was open. Next year they'll still have a water park but it will be a little different with more slides, a beach/relaxing feel and sting rays. They had a little preview set up with a round pool that had several 2 month old stingrays we could touch. The kids loved this and I'm excited to see how the feeding pool will work next summer. It was a beautiful day to enjoy Sea World.... unless you wanted to swim like we did. Micah froze but he didn't want to stop playing. 85 degree weather is not swimming weather after 2-3 months of 100 degree days! 

Now it's back to our routine tomorrow with Abby going to school and me to the gym. We've got a busy week ahead but I'm looking forward to starting it out with free Chick-fil-a breakfast with friends. I've also got a PTA meeting, Bibleland meeting, PTA volunteer kick-off breakfast.... 

Hope ya'll had a good labor day weekend as well! 

1 comment :

Traci said...

We went to the game too. It was such a great weekend. The stadium is so awesome!