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Friday, September 23, 2011

fun family Friday

Beau had the whole day off today so I dropped him and Micah off at the gym and went through the Chick-fil-a drive through for some lunch to bring this sweet girlie for lunch. It wasn't really a surprise as I had told her this morning I was going to (couldn't not tell her since I wasn't packing her a lunch.) I was a little sad it conflicted with my favorite workout class/instructor of the week but it was worth it. She was very excited and we had a nice lunch. Then I picked up the boys at the gym and brought them home. (The gym isn't far from the school so I wanted the car instead of having to drive the truck which doesn't have carseats which is why we did it this way.) 

After naptime we all headed out to pick up Abby then we headed to see the Lion King. I was excited we were able to find a 2D showing so that Micah could go as well because I knew he wouldn't wear the glasses and I didn't want to take him to watch a blurry movie. We got popcorn and a drink to share - which the kids loved and hardly ate any dinner since they ate so much popcorn. They both seemed to really enjoy the movie and were very still, quiet and watched the movie the whole time. Micah liked the "monk-my" and the "roar!" Abby said it was good. 

Then I had purchased a groupon for Red Robin last week so for $5 I had a $20 voucher/gc so we head there since Beau was hungry. The kids and I mostly had a milkshake and shared a burger. It's not every day we go out so I figured a special treat won't hurt every once in a while. We'll have extra helpings of veggies tomorrow night ;) (and Abby did have a fruit cup with her lunch.) 

Then it was home, bath and bed for tired kids and Daddy (since he worked then hung out with us most of the day.) Tomorrow it's a lazy morning and a gym workout to make up for the one I missed today! 

I'm thinking going to whisk up this waffle batter for breakfast in the morning - yeasted waffles from Annie's Eats   - in my opinion it makes the best waffles. That's possibly due to the large amount of butter that goes into them but I'm just going to choose to ignore that little detail. I'm headed to the gym afterwards right? (Of course not to try and lose weight - but at least to not blow up like a whale with this babe - it was working.... until the mellowcreme pumpkins hit the shelves.) 

The first thing I bought for the new babe arrived today as well. :) (If you missed that announcement I finally made it here) I bought a sweet baby blanket I found a sale on last week and I love a sweet soft baby blanket. Though I think along with a new pack of Aden and Anais muslim swaddles (since I'm not taking Micah's away from him) I'll probably be almost set for blankets - except for maybe a few more soft minkee blankets for the winter.


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