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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fire trucks and ice cream social

This morning the kids and I headed out to Old Navy because I had a coupon for 40% off one item and they had a knit maxi skirt I wanted to look at. The store closest to us doesn't always have the best selection and didn't have the color I wanted. So I decided to try the other location that is usually better stocked. When we arrived in the parking lot there were two fire trucks parked there. One a fire rescue truck with it's ladder up. Turns out they were there because Old Navy was having a safety demo type fair and had asked them to be there. So they had the trucks all open and the kids were free to climb in and look around. You can bet my kids were excited about that! 
The fire rescue guys were showing off - climbing up the ladder, harnessing themselves in and then sliding down the rope - head first. The kids loved watching that as well!  
Of course I hadn't known the trucks would be there so all I had was my phone camera and two silly kids who didn't really want to stop and pose for the camera. This was the best I got. 
Driving the massive fire truck truck!
Then tonight before the evening service - our Bibleland team that teaches in the nursery during the service had a meeting/ice cream social. The kids were quite happy about that too!


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