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Thursday, September 29, 2011


I suppose maybe you'd like some more details regarding this post from last week? 
Yeap, I really put off announcing it didn't I? If you couldn't already tell that from the fact that Micah's picture in the other blog post was from before his big boy hair cut. This is actually from a couple weeks ago as well - it's just about time I take a new one. It's actually the first pregnancy that I've actually remembered to consistently take belly shots! What can I say I'm not big on announcements or the attention from them. I'd rather blog about my kids than myself. :) 

So the details - this sweet new babe should be arriving in January. It will be totally different having a winter babe after two summer babes! Which also means that while I have just about everything I need for this babe (besides a car-seat since our infant seat would have been expired by now anyway if I hadn't sold it) I will need to at least shop for some clothes because the seasons will be totally different for the clothes that I've kept from Abby and Micah. 

My belly seems huge already! In fact I was measuring big at my last appointment since it's #3 that's pretty much to be expected apparently. Baby was measuring right on track though. 


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