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Thursday, September 29, 2011


I suppose maybe you'd like some more details regarding this post from last week? 
Yeap, I really put off announcing it didn't I? If you couldn't already tell that from the fact that Micah's picture in the other blog post was from before his big boy hair cut. This is actually from a couple weeks ago as well - it's just about time I take a new one. It's actually the first pregnancy that I've actually remembered to consistently take belly shots! What can I say I'm not big on announcements or the attention from them. I'd rather blog about my kids than myself. :) 

So the details - this sweet new babe should be arriving in January. It will be totally different having a winter babe after two summer babes! Which also means that while I have just about everything I need for this babe (besides a car-seat since our infant seat would have been expired by now anyway if I hadn't sold it) I will need to at least shop for some clothes because the seasons will be totally different for the clothes that I've kept from Abby and Micah. 

My belly seems huge already! In fact I was measuring big at my last appointment since it's #3 that's pretty much to be expected apparently. Baby was measuring right on track though. 


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pinterest: my DIY list

So it's Wednesday again and time for my favorite pins. It's been a couple of busy weeks and I haven't been as crafty as Pinterest makes me want to be so I'm going to share a couple projects on my to-do list.

How cute are these? I'm thinking maybe a little bigger and square with black and white pictures of the kids to hang in the bathroom. Not sure theirs or mine yet though.
Source: etsy.com via Katie on Pinterest

Plywood with a mirror and assorted wood elements glued on. Sounds simple enough but a really pretty result! I want one of these for our bedroom!

After Beau spent several hours untangling my delicate necklaces - I need to make this so they don't get tangled again! I'm just waiting for the knobs to be 50% off at Hobby Lobby. Then it's so getting done! 
Source: etsy.com via Katie on Pinterest

Pinterest is always making me want to craft, learn to sew or bake more. Does it have the same effect on you? 

I'm linking up at the Vintage Apple today. You can head over there and check out more pins or link up some of your own! 

On a side note - I hate to say it but I think Abby has what Micah had Monday. She's complained of being tired all afternoon and was very calm this afternoon instead of her wild after-school self. She's also a tad warm (but currently wrapped up in her very warm blanket so I can't tell what is fever and what is from the blanket since it always makes her very toasty) though she refuses to go to sleep tonight and is still awake in her bed an hour and a half later. Normal thing for Micah to do lately but not necessarily for Abby.  :( 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday's Random Ramblings

I love this sweet sleeping face. Though right now he's not quite as cute as he's doing the protesting sleep thing. Obviously feeling better now if he doesn't want to sleep. The thunder, lightening and rain (yay!) outside probably don't help the sleep thing either. Turns out when I mentioned on Sunday I thought he might be getting sick with the clingy, sleeping after falling asleep in the car deal - I was unfortunately right. He ran a tiny fever that night and the next morning (yesterday) and was just extremely clingy to mommy all day. Needless to say I didn't get much done all morning. 
Since Micah wasn't in the mood to let mommy cook easily last night, Daddy took us out to eat at the restaurant his friend/our neighbor is a manager. His buddy is always telling Beau to come eat there so we did.    Micah had perked up some and I figured a change of scenery couldn't hurt. Abby loved getting to play with the pizza dough. 
 Of course it had to be tasted as well. 
Micah perked up considerably and was happy to eat, but mostly wanted to play with Abby during the meal. A sure sign he was feeling better.
I had already talked to my boss about missing work today since Micah was sick (he'd have to be fever free for 24 hours to go - he didn't perk up until late evening and I wanted to be certain it wouldn't come back during the night) we spent this morning trying to be productive cleaning around the house. I did a little bit of organizing in the pantry and cleaned out some of the clutter that was in there. We vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the 1/2 bath downstairs, washed the kids chair covers and did lots of other laundry.  

I'm currently really excited it's raining! Like an actual storm where we got more than 5 drops of rain too! I'm also grateful that Abby fell asleep before the thunder and lightening started because it scared her week! Due to the lack of rain here for so long it actually looks like fall with brown grass and leaves everywhere - unfortunately it doesn't feel like fall as it hit at least 100 degrees yesterday and today. I'm getting anxious for the cooler weather where we can go outside and enjoy being outside for more than 10 minutes at a time.  Mornings are okay to play outside right now but we really need more time outside after school to run the crazy energy out! We were lucky to have a couple days of that last week but it's back to super hot again. 

I'm working on our fall bucket list - kinda like this one - my inspiration from Pinterest. Hard to believe October is coming this week when it's still this hot but it really is. 

Tomorrow is Abby's fall school picture day. We've got her outfit all picked out and ready for the morning. 

Hope you are having a great week so far! 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday and Sea World

This morning we headed out to HEB for our weekly grocery trip. I should have gone to Church but Beau was working and I don't like sitting alone so I'll listen online later. The kids heard their Bible class lessons last night while I worked the nursery for the Saturday service. We got a couple donuts from the bakery for breakfast while we were there. Micah insisted on wearing his new monkey shirt from Grandma - which appropriately says "mischief maker." That was fine for the trip to the grocery store but had to change when we got home because it's a long sleeve shirt and that's just a little too warm when it 100 degrees today - actually up to 102 currently. So not fall weather!  
After putting away our groceries, fixing a couple pbjs and apples we headed to Sea World. Usually Abby gets to look at the map and see where we should go first. This time I let Micah pick. He choose Shamu and luckily we arrived at a perfect time to see the first show of the day. It was cute because the baby Shamu (Sakari is her real name) took a big role in the show and did quite a few tricks. She's  a little over 1 and 1/2 - her birthday is in January. 
Then after a stroll through the penguins, we hit the spray park. Abby was very disappointed and didn't believe me that the water park was closed (especially since it's still on the map) but the spray park was an okay second to her. Micah liked the little tunnel that is part of the play area and stayed in there. Cookie Monster and Zoe were near by there and when the nice employee who was walking around with the characters asked if he wanted to see them, Micah decided maybe that'd be okay today. Of course he was very interested in seeing them and feeling them so he didn't want to look at me but it's still cute! 
Micah quickly wore tired of the spray park and climbed in a chair and put his head down. I wrapped him up in his towel after that and gave Abby a 5 minute warning. It was naptime but usually at Sea World he is content and ready to go-go-go!
On the way out we saw Pete the Penguin and Abby for once decided she wanted a picture with him. Usually she isn't into the dressed up characters. Of course again no one wanted to look at mommy! (And of course they also were into taking pictures with the characters on a day I didn't bring any thing but my phone camera!)
We really did wear out Micah because he fell asleep on the way home and shockingly even let me carry him inside and finished his nap on the couch. When he woke up he clearly wasn't ready to be up either because he wasn't his happy self for another hour after that but I got some sweet cuddles in. Makes me wonder if maybe he might be getting sick but I think (and hope) it's just that he tried to stay up to watch the LSU game with me last night by fighting going to sleep and still got up at his normal time that is making him so tired.

I didn't think it was possible but I think even with our relatively short trip to Sea World this time I managed to wear Abby and Micah out! We had a big early Sunday dinner and now are relaxing watching a movie. Tangled's the movie of choice because Abby's excited that she gets to be Rapunzel for Halloween! Micah's already almost feel asleep once but he moved around again to keep himself from totally crashing. Only an hour and 15 minutes and then it will be bedtime for these tired kiddos! I'm thinking (and hope I'm not jinxing myself) that they won't have a problem falling asleep! Any thing good to watch on tv tonight after they crash?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

pizza and football

This morning we had our lazy morning, complete with yummy waffles, then a late morning workout. This evening after Bible class we headed home and got to work making dinner. Pizza night and even more exciting I let the kids make their own. Usually we work together and make a big one. Tonight I divided the dough up and gave them each their own ball. 

Micah got to work. (I did wash his hands... the marker from his Bible class art work just didn't want to come off!)

Abby's a pro and showed him how to put it on the tray once he was done rolling it out.  
And showed him how to put the sauce on his pizza.  
Then some cheese and into the oven. No pepperonis on theirs - they didn't want them. Abby only likes cheese and Micah has started to lean that way as well.  
Then into the oven just in time to turn on the TV for kickoff of the LSU football game. 

After dinner was over Micah tried to delay going to bed by climbing in my bed and saying he wanted to "watch game." Ha!  


Friday, September 23, 2011

fun family Friday

Beau had the whole day off today so I dropped him and Micah off at the gym and went through the Chick-fil-a drive through for some lunch to bring this sweet girlie for lunch. It wasn't really a surprise as I had told her this morning I was going to (couldn't not tell her since I wasn't packing her a lunch.) I was a little sad it conflicted with my favorite workout class/instructor of the week but it was worth it. She was very excited and we had a nice lunch. Then I picked up the boys at the gym and brought them home. (The gym isn't far from the school so I wanted the car instead of having to drive the truck which doesn't have carseats which is why we did it this way.) 

After naptime we all headed out to pick up Abby then we headed to see the Lion King. I was excited we were able to find a 2D showing so that Micah could go as well because I knew he wouldn't wear the glasses and I didn't want to take him to watch a blurry movie. We got popcorn and a drink to share - which the kids loved and hardly ate any dinner since they ate so much popcorn. They both seemed to really enjoy the movie and were very still, quiet and watched the movie the whole time. Micah liked the "monk-my" and the "roar!" Abby said it was good. 

Then I had purchased a groupon for Red Robin last week so for $5 I had a $20 voucher/gc so we head there since Beau was hungry. The kids and I mostly had a milkshake and shared a burger. It's not every day we go out so I figured a special treat won't hurt every once in a while. We'll have extra helpings of veggies tomorrow night ;) (and Abby did have a fruit cup with her lunch.) 

Then it was home, bath and bed for tired kids and Daddy (since he worked then hung out with us most of the day.) Tomorrow it's a lazy morning and a gym workout to make up for the one I missed today! 

I'm thinking going to whisk up this waffle batter for breakfast in the morning - yeasted waffles from Annie's Eats   - in my opinion it makes the best waffles. That's possibly due to the large amount of butter that goes into them but I'm just going to choose to ignore that little detail. I'm headed to the gym afterwards right? (Of course not to try and lose weight - but at least to not blow up like a whale with this babe - it was working.... until the mellowcreme pumpkins hit the shelves.) 

The first thing I bought for the new babe arrived today as well. :) (If you missed that announcement I finally made it here) I bought a sweet baby blanket I found a sale on last week and I love a sweet soft baby blanket. Though I think along with a new pack of Aden and Anais muslim swaddles (since I'm not taking Micah's away from him) I'll probably be almost set for blankets - except for maybe a few more soft minkee blankets for the winter.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

I should probably mention...

pre-hair cut obviously!

For those of who might not already know.... I kept thinking I was going to take a cute picture similar to one I saw on pinterest but that involved all of us being in the picture and having someone else to take it and that never worked out.  

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I haven't been keeping updates on Micah's blog as often as I was any more so I thought I'd share of Micah's favorite sayings:

When he wants something really bad (like a snack or for Mommy to set his train back up after it fell off the track) he'll grab your hand, or your leg and pull on you telling you to come-on if you don't get up quick enough when he first comes to you.

So the other morning Micah went from happy to grumpy and would just wallow around, say no to every suggestion or reply "mommy" even though I was already laying with him. So in an effort to cheer him up I suggested he help daddy with breakfast for everyone. To be clear he'd already been offered some breakfast to eat and didn't want it. When asked if he wanted to help he jumped right up and headed to the kitchen, only turning around to tell Daddy to "come-on." He got his chair pushed up to the counter and told Daddy he was going to "help!" He was so happy and no more the little grumpy guy!

"na-na-boo-boo get me" or simply "boo-boo get me"
He learned this one from sister. Could you have guessed that? He's currently standing on the stairs behind the baby gate yelling this at his sister trying to get her to chase him. Ha!

"hey, stop that"
Usually when he's being tickled he'll tell us to "stop that!" He'll also sometimes say it to Honey when he thinks she is doing something she shouldn't.

"see that?"
He'll jump, draw a picture, do a summersault, slide and turn to me and ask me "see that?" So cute! 

Micah is my little helper in the kitchen. I can't cook without him wanting to help 90% of the time. If I tell him he can't help I'm asking for a full scale meltdown. 

Today we got home from Bible class and a quick trip into HEB on the way home. While I was unloading the couple groceries and fixing lunch, Micah grabbed my hand and started singing Ring around the Rosie. I sang it with him once and then asked him to sing it. The third time he hushed me and didn't want me to sing it any more. So tonight after bath I took a video of Micah singing it and playing with Abby. 


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fire trucks and ice cream social

This morning the kids and I headed out to Old Navy because I had a coupon for 40% off one item and they had a knit maxi skirt I wanted to look at. The store closest to us doesn't always have the best selection and didn't have the color I wanted. So I decided to try the other location that is usually better stocked. When we arrived in the parking lot there were two fire trucks parked there. One a fire rescue truck with it's ladder up. Turns out they were there because Old Navy was having a safety demo type fair and had asked them to be there. So they had the trucks all open and the kids were free to climb in and look around. You can bet my kids were excited about that! 
The fire rescue guys were showing off - climbing up the ladder, harnessing themselves in and then sliding down the rope - head first. The kids loved watching that as well!  
Of course I hadn't known the trucks would be there so all I had was my phone camera and two silly kids who didn't really want to stop and pose for the camera. This was the best I got. 
Driving the massive fire truck truck!
Then tonight before the evening service - our Bibleland team that teaches in the nursery during the service had a meeting/ice cream social. The kids were quite happy about that too!


Friday, September 16, 2011

our day and the grumpy Micah

This morning started off well with Abby up in a good mood for school. She's like me and not really a morning person so some days it takes her a few minutes to wake up, get dressed and she isn't so thrilled. After she gets her breakfast in her she's usually awake and ready but today she was agreeable from the get-go. After walking her to school, Micah and I made muffins (Abby had wanted cereal) and he was more than happy to help.  We baked, ate, played a little then got dressed to run a couple errands and hit the gym. We walked out to the car and Micah climbed in but climbed on the floor between his seat and the front seat instead of into his seat. This is where things went downhill....  I put him in his seat and that set off a major two-year old tantrum. Seriously he went on for the next 30 minutes - through two errands, even turning down a sucker from the bank. We got to the gym and I tried yet another few minutes of sitting and cuddling him before we got out of the car and that seemed to finally do the trick. When we got in he was ready to play and went happily in to play in the tree house. That lasted until 2/3rds of the way through my class when they came to tell me he was fussing. So we can home (which he wasn't happy about the car seat again...) - a little cuddling and Curious George later he was doing better. Only it was time to get Abby from school and I wanted to pick her up in the car since rain was threatening (which we got all of 5 drops about 2 minutes after we got home) So I asked Micah if he wanted to go with (knowing he hadn't liked the car-seat all at today) or if he wanted to stay home and watch monk-my with Daddy. He choose Curious George.... until I had walked out the door.... then he screamed, fussed and cried the whole 10 minutes I was gone. When I got home it was nap time! I prayed he would take a good nap and wake in a better mood and was so thankful that prayer was answered. After a 3 hour nap he woke in a much better mood. I had let him stay up a little while into the LSU game last night (Geaux Tigers!) so maybe that's why he was so grumpy today? 

We are so thankful as well for the cooler weather. It's only in the fall in south Texas that I'm thankful for the low 90s. It feels so nice outside. Anywhere else would probably complain that it's hot but here it feels so good! We stayed outside and played for a good long while with our bikes, mini-cooper and chalk - things that haven't seen as much playing time as we would have liked in the past two months of 100 degree weather.
Micah got going pretty fast on his little trike and took a tumble over the handlebars when he leaned forward. I watched him in what seemed like slow motion as I couldn't get to him fast enough and heard a what seemed like very loud thud on the concrete, a sound no mommy ever wants to hear. I scooped him up and tried to cuddle him, checking him over and about to whisk him inside for some ice. He didn't like that idea, wiggled his crying self away from me, saying "no play!" He tearfully climbed back on his bike and started to ride again taking only 30 seconds before he was smiling again. Boys!
His poor face after the tumble - at least 50% of the pink is from pink chalk he had on his hand when he rubbed his boo-boo. It already looks better. 
Then they turned their attention to the chalk and worked together to create a masterpiece on the sidewalk. Don't mind our practically non-existant, dry grass. We need the rain and I'm hoping the weather man isn't teasing that we are supposed to get more in the next few days since we didn't get any at our house today.

Then it was time for baths and dinner. In that order because they were covered in chalk. Amazingly enough Micah went to sleep easier than he has the past couple days even with the 3 hour nap. For that I'm thankful as he's been fighting sleep lately especially at bedtime.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pinterest: Fall and Halloween

It's Wednesday and time to share some of my favorite pins on Pinterest!
I'm seriously craving fall. I've found so many cute fall outfits but at 100 degrees outside today I can't think about wearing those yet! So instead I'll settle for some decorations.

A fall bucket list. I love this idea and I think I'll make one for our family  - I'm going to seriously have to search though to find a leaf pile around here but I love that idea!

Table centerpiece maybe? Or maybe for the bar/ledge between the living room and kitchen sink if I can manage to clean it off from all the stuff that usually accumulates there. (Do ya'll have a spot like that?)

Apple candles

Pumpkin shirt for Abby
Source: etsy.com via Katie on Pinterest

Halloween pumpkins done using black vinyl

I'm linking up with the Vintage Apple - head over there to see more pins or to link up your own!