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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

weekend recap

We had a busy but still relaxing weekend all at the same time this past weekend. It was the hottest weekend ever. Literally. We almost set the all time record high for the city on Sunday with our almost 110 degree heat. Not just for the day but for all time. 

Saturday morning we went swimming with friends and had a lot of fun. Then naps and Bible class in the evening. Sunday we had some family time with donuts for breakfast and a trip to HEB all together. We spent lots of time inside - we played play dough. Abby and Micah both really love this ice cream shop play dough set Uncle Jeremy got Abby for her birthday.

After naps we made some brownies (Micah loved helping with that!) then we watched a movie when Beau left for work. I tried to cook dinner but that was made pretty difficult by someone throwing a major fit to "help!!!" Unfortunately there isn't much he can help with since I was making meatballs and all that was left was rolling the balls. 

Yesterday started week 2 of kinder for Abby. Micah is adjusting well and he helped me clean in the morning before heading to the gym. My house is getting much cleaner now just Micah in the morning. The fact that the gym classes kept the same summer schedule so I now have a large block of time in the morning between dropping Abby off and heading to the gym helps too. Last year between the later start of preschool and earlier start time of the group-ex classes only left about 20-30 minutes to do anything. Now I have 1 and 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours between drop off and group-ex depending on the day/class. After school we went to the pool and swam for a while then came home for dinner. Bedtime was rough last night. I didn't plan on that. I thought an early day plus swimming meant they would crash fast but instead it was a rough 2 hours of Abby and Micah trying to chat through their walls, Micah trying to sneak into Abby's room, Abby playing with her toys instead of laying down..... Here's to hoping tonight goes better! 

I did get an exciting package yesterday of vinyl so I can create some fun crafts! I ordered colors for Halloween and Christmas but most importantly purple and gold for LSU! I see some crafting in my near future. 

Today's also the last day of the giveaway I have going on. The entries are really low so right now if you've entered your chances of winning are VERY high. :) Go here and enter if you want a chance to win! I'll close it at 9 pm CST tonight and pick a winner. Good luck! 

Oh and if you like Chick-fil-a and haven't seen this - they are offering free breakfast next week so go here and see if your location is participating and sign up for a time-slot to get yours! I can't wait! 

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