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Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Rambings

Yesterday morning was my last morning of working the Church nursery on Sundays - during the summer the team I work with gives the regular teachers a break and take over for 6 weeks. It's been fun but tiring as well but a good tired. Because I'm working Abby still gets to go in the nursery even though she's 5 and we only cover classes up to the 3s and everyone else goes to family worship during these 6 weeks. They've been working on memorizing the Lord's Prayer and Abby's had it totally memorized for a while now (They did the same curriculum earlier during the Tuesday night Bible studies that ended in early July.)
After working the Saturday service I didn't have the desire to go to HEB (and I didn't get a chance earlier that day either) so breakfast was going to be interesting. I did have some frozen biscuits but we had finished off the milk, juice, butter and fruit during dinner. I usually try to grocery shop weekly on Sunday or Monday so it wasn't a total surprise we were running low but this was lower than normal! To my surprise the grocery fairy - aka Beau - stopped by HEB on his way home from work late at night. So we had a yummy breakfast. Micah however lately is very demanding and he was pretty grumpy the whole maybe 20 minutes to took too cook because it wasn't able to be served right away. You'd think I never feed the baby with as often as he asks for a "nack!" However he'll finish one and immediately ask for another. Growth spurt maybe?
I told Micah to stand next to me and make a silly face at Abby. 
Micah just loves to do what Abby does. So last weekend when we headed to Church and Abby wanted to bring her new baby doll guess who had to go get one to bring as well? This doll used to be mine when I was younger. Micah actually loves baby dolls and has since he meet his new baby cousin in April.
This week it's all about back to school and having some fun before school starts as well. On the agenda: a trip to Sea World, one last play date with friends before school starts and they won't be able to play during the week, a trip to Michael's to get some silicone muffin liners (because they'll be great in the bento box), a trip to HEB (not part of the fun list but necessary - especially this week since Micah is eating so many "nacks" and I need lunch box food for next week!) I also plan to make a lunch box menu for next week as well as dinners for next week (maybe I'll have Beau load up the smoker so I don't have to cook much! Plus it's yummy!) Oh and a trip to Best Buy/Target/Walmart to get more black ink for my printer. I need to print my meal planning/lunch box planning printables as well as a sign for Abby for her first day of school sign! Oh and much to Beau and my dad's delight - Micah's first hair cut. Then we also have meet the teacher night on Friday!

With as busy a week as we have I can't wait to be able to order my planner - I feel like I really need it! I've got tons of lists going on every where!

What's on your agenda for the week?

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