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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

swim test & morning 2 of kindergarten!

Yesterday afternoon for a first day of school treat we went out and got snowcones (yum!) then headed to the pool. Abby was a little fish swimming all over the place so I asked her if she wanted to try the swim test after the swam the short ways across the pool several times. The swim tests is swimming the whole way down the pool (the long way) and climbing out, then hopping back in and treading water for 30 seconds. When she said she wanted to try, Beau asked the lifeguard if he could let her practice and see if she could do it. So he walked next to her as she swam and she made it all the way to the end! Then she climbed out we came back to the shallow part and she practiced treading water. She did it! So then she went with Daddy to ask if she could take the swim test. She did great especially since we were all on the side of the pool watching and not next to her anymore. She passed and got her green wrist band! Now when we go, if the slide is open, she can go down the slide! What a big girl! 
I was holding Micah as we were talking about the swim test and how that meant she could go down the slide. He had watched with us as she swam across the pool. Once we were back in, he was standing on the ledge and he and I were talking about the slide and how he couldn't go until he passed a swim test. What does he do? He jumps and tries to start swimming - without any warning - without reaching for my hands. I had my arm out so I was still holding in the water but he was kicking and paddling and trying to swim for the deep end like Abby had done - wanting to pass the swim test so he could slide too! Ha!

This morning was day 2 of kindergarten. We made progress in that she actually ate a little breakfast before we headed off for school! We made the yeasted waffles from Annie's Eats and those are too yummy to resist!
I walked her down the hall to her class.... soon she'll need to walk all by herself. Though since I walked her I did get to see her picture she drew yesterday. She'd been telling us all about the gingerbread girl and that she made a mess and was missing. So they had drawn missing person pictures yesterday for the gingerbread girl. 
Micah and I have a pretty typical morning planned. We are going to head to the gym for body pump and then a run to Target. Abby doesn't like wearing her socks because they show over her shoes so I'm going to get her some low no-show ankle socks. Home for lunch and a nap. Then it will be time to pick Abby up from school. The hours Abby's in school seem to go fast if we keep busy but it sure is quiet with only my little guy here. Yesterday he got a little sad about sister not being here after an hour or so of her being at school but luckily we were headed off the park and gym about that time so he was quickly distracted. 

1 comment :

Lisa said...

I put a box in the mail for her yesterday. There is a little bundle of low cut socks in fun colors. I hope she will like them.
It sounds like she is growing up in everything!
So glad that kinder is starting off well.
We are missing y'all so much. Can't wait to meet up in Dallas.
Love to you all.